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If you are new to my site, it is not about the typical romantic comedies you might expect when you think of Chick Flicks, I am redefining the term, chick flick!

Just Chick Flicks explores, discusses and reviews the movies women love and even some that we hate. There are movies that touch your heart and appeal to your emotions, movies that focus on women’s issues, movies that help women have a better self images and movies that entertain us and make us laugh, cry and think. Yes, sometimes even sci-fi and Kung Fu movies. The definition is limitless. This is the  place for movies that women love.  And that’s what Just Chick Flicks explores, the wonderful world of the Chick Flick!

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Here are a few posts you might enjoy:

Lingerie and Chick Flicks: A Match Made in Heaven: A guest post by Treacle, The Lingerie Addict about Chick Flicks that feature great lingerie.

Mad Men: A recap of Season 4 of the award-winning series starring Jon Hamm  January Jones  and fabulous fashions from the 1960’s. Not a fan of Mad Men. Here are 5 Reasons You Should Watch Mad Men.

Life Lessons From Katharine Hepburn: I love Katharine Hepburn, not only because she was a wonderful actress, but she also taught me some really important life lessons.

Classic Chick Flicks 101: 25 Classic Chick flicks, including The Philadelphia Story, Sabrina and All About Eve.

Mysterious Ways-Hitchcock’s Women: Rear Window, Psycho, Dial M for Murder; Hitchcock’s women were always stunningly beautiful blonds who got involved in mysteries, murder and mayhem, all while remaining impeccable dressed.

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