New Life: A Beautiful Movie about Love and Life and Hope

7d2a10_2e1b6eba7c4e49eb90526c68435ae0b5-png_srz_723_700_85_22_0-50_1-20_0-00_png_srzWhat happens when life throws you a curve ball and happily ever after is not exactly how you planned it.

In the movie, New Life, Benjamin Morton (Jonathan Patrick Moore) and Ava (Erin Bethea) share life’s joys and pains  from childhood friendship, to falling in love, and getting married.

I know some of you hate spoilers, but I will say that you will need a few kleenex while watching this movie. There are some sad and quite a few tears of joy too.( If you are watching This is Us, you will understand what I mean.)

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” from John Lennon’s – Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

Ten-year-old Benjamin, a little boy from England knew when he met Ava, the little girl next door that she was the girl of his dreams. That was the day his life changed forever.

new-life-bethea-ftrAfter marriage, Ben is busy working on his career, while Ava is focused on having a child. But, when a painful loss and serious illness strike, Ben and Ava soon realize that time can get away from you and that you can lose track of what is truly important.

Jonathan Patrick Moore and Ava Erin Bethea give wonderful performances as Ben and Ave. They seem so natural with each other and you can really see the chemistry between them.

New Life also stars Terry O’Quinn ( Secrets and Lies, Lost), Bill Cobbs (Night at the Museum, That Thing You Do), Irma P. Hall (The LadyKillers), and James Marsters (Buffy) and is produced and co­written by Erin Bethea and Drew Waters.

I know how much you hate spoilers, so I’ll just tell you that New Life is a truly lovely and sweet love story. Trust me, you’ll love it!

New Life: a beautiful story of the ever-changing joys and pains of life

benjonathanpatrickmooreandavaerinbetheaIn his directorial debut, Drew Waters brings us a beautiful story of the ever-changing joys and pains of life. In my recent interview with Drew, he told me that the passing of his grandfather inspired him to make this lovely movie.

Director, Drew Waters

Director, Drew Waters

 Here are a few highlight from my interview with the director of new Life, Drew Waters:

Clara: Where did the idea for the movie come from?

Drew:  “ New Life came from a very personal experience. I lost my grandfather, who basically died of a broken heart. He who lost the love of his life.

I was very close to my grandfather, he was my best friend and I needed him in my life. When he passed away, I struggled with it for a long time. This made me look at other people who were struggling and going through hardships.

I want to make something that reminded people of the positive moments in life and not just the dark times. 

At the end of the day, it is also about hope. When you can remember the positive moments of life and go through the hardships, and come out the other side with hope. Always carry hope and you can get through anything. Remember, there are still more pictures to be taken.

Clara: You are a first-time director, but I noticed that you also worked with Erin to co-write the screenplay for this movie.

Drew: “To be honest, I am not really a writer. But this story pretty much wrote itself. We worked really hard on building and fine tuning the characters.

But I worked with Erin and had a lot of help from others to make sure the script told the story we wanted to tell. This is a true story from the heart. We set out to make a love story and New Life is the result.

Clara: What made you decide to make Ben be British? How did you find Jonathan?

Drew: “I wanted the main characters to be English. With my first feature film, I was very picky with the choice of my lead actors and  I think we made the right choices.

Since Ben also narrates the story, I felt that the audience would respond better to an English accent.

We knew when we saw Jonathan’s audition that he was our Ben. He and Erin has such a natural chemistry together. Jonathan is actually Australian, but after working with a dialect coach for a few weeks, he nailed the accent.

Even little Nicholas, who plays 7-year Ben. He’s from Wisconsin and he did a fantastic job with his accent too.”

Clara: What was it like working with veteran actors, like Irma P. Hall, Barry Corbin and Bill Cobbs?

Drew: “I’ve had the privilege of working with each of them before on other projects. They were a delight to work with. So professional and so great at their craft.  They brought so much to the set and to the story.

Terry O’ Quinn actually said thanks for making a movie that you can show your family, instead of so much sci-fi stuff.

We like to say that New Life breaks the ‘except for rule’.  You know, like ‘that was a good movie except for the bad language, except for the random sex scene or that violence.’ We were able to make a good story without making it vanilla or feel sluggish. And you never miss any of the other stuff.

Clara: What are your plans for distribution?

Drew: “We have an October 28th theatrical release in Dallas and a limited release in other cities across the U.S.”

Clara: Well. much success to you with New Life. It is a truly wonderful movie.

Take a look behind the scene, with this clip from the making of New Life:

NEW LIFE opens October 28, 2016, in the following cities. For more venues, visit

  • Los Angeles
  • New York (Brooklyn)
  • Chicago
  • Phoenix
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Atlanta
  • Orlando
  • Miami
  • Washington D.C.
  • Indianapolis, IN

Go see New Life, you will love it.

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