Frame4Frame Film Festival in Arlington

Dedicated to raising cultural awareness and appreciation for the diverse creative population in the Arlington area, the inaugural Frame4Frame Festival is set for Thursday, Sept. 15, through Sunday, Sept. 18. The festival will feature film, art and music at various locations inArlington.

Sponsored by the Arlington Cultural Tourism Council (ACTC), the Arlington Film Society and the Arlington Museum of Art, the event is a first for the city. Festivities kick off with a host reception for filmmakers and film buffs at 7 p.m. at J.
Gilligan’s, 400 E. Abram St.

It’s our way of supporting independent film and the outstanding filmmakers who come out of Arlington,” said James Hawthorne, festival director and organizer.

Arlington has a vibrant film community that includes individuals recognized by their peers as award winners and industry leaders. In addition to celebrating our outstanding film community, participants will be treated to a dozen of live music performances and an award-winning art exhibit. This will be a unique experience for the Arlington.”

The film portion will be at Studio Movie Grill in Arlington Highlands, 225 Merchants Row. Films kick off at 7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 16, with a collection of short films and the red-carpet film A MAN CALLED JON by M. Legend Brown and featuring Oscar-nominated actress Irma P. Hall.
More than 20 films from Arlington filmmakers and others from as far away as Switzerland will be screened,” Hawthorne said.

Additionally, music and art offerings include:

  • 12 bands performing Music starts at noon on September 15 at SouthStreet Patio, 400 E. South Street. Musical acts will include Jeffrey Austin, a former contestant, on NBC’s “The Voice” and jazz great Adonis Rose.
  • One art show “Ulterior Motifs” will be on display at Arlington Museum ofArt, 201 W. Main St.

Tickets are $60-$100 with discounts offered to students and members of the sponsor organizations. Go to for the full festival lineup.

Frame4Frame Festival Schedule

Short Film Series

Remembering #28 by Jared Christopher – Arlington, Texas

On the one-year anniversary of his murder, friends, teachers and coaches remember Carl Wilson the Arlington Martin student and football player who touched so many.

The Box by Hugo Matz  – Dallas, Texas

A man lives in denial about the tragic events that happened to his family. He finally comes to terms with his grim reality due to a simple delivery package: the box.

One for the Road by Danielle Wheeler/Mark Blitch –  Fort Worth, Texas

A bickering brother and sister hit the road to reconnect after drifting apart over the years.

Feature Narrative

A Man Called Jon by M. Legend Brown – Dallas, Texas

A Man Called Jon” is a light-hearted dramedy about Pastor Jon Terrell Carson’s unusual style of worship. Jon’s church is very traditional and is not accustomed to outbursts during the service.

Short Films – Family

Priyanath by Anietie Antia-Obong, Irving, Texas

Six-year-old Priyanath imagines himself to be a superhero taking down imaginary villains with his extraordinary powers. But when he learns of a real danger near his home, Priyanath must decide if he’s actually got what it takes to be a real-life superhero.

Little Socrates by Jean-Patrick Mahoney, Arlington, Texas

Little Socrates follows a 13-year-old boy as he gets a visit from his estranged father Robbie, as he is about to star in a school play about the death of Socrates. As the day unfolds, Jake begins to shed his idealized notions about his father and see him for the immature, damaged individual that he really is.

Another Day in Paradise by bellopropello, Zurich, Switzerland

Plants are growing in paradise; one of them nicer, more beautiful and taller than all the others, which provokes a disciplinary action. Against all odds there are consequences even in paradise.

Micah’s Moment by Jared Christopher Arlington, Texas

Micah Willis finally got a chance to carry the ball in a big game, at the home of his beloved Dallas Cowboys. What happened next inspired cheers, tears and a memory that will last a lifetime.

Feature Documentary

LUTAH A Passion for Architecture by Melinda Gandara Goleta, California

LUTAH explores the life of a remarkably versatile architect who left an impressive legacy. Initially eclipsed by her male contemporaries in the early 20th century, Lutah Maria Riggs navigated her way through the male-centric world of architecture and brought freshness to the established architectural styles of Southern California.

Riggs blazed a trail for women, relying on the courage of her convictions and a hint of eccentricity. She pursued her passions and created a life of independence, an exceptional choice for a woman at that time. Never before seen photographs and journal entries from Riggs’s personal collection,] and candid interviews, this documentary reveals a side of Lutah Maria Riggs that has gone unnoticed.

Lutah – Teaser Trailer from Satellite Pictures on Vimeo.

Short Films – Mixed

Cricket by Cydney Cox Arlington, Texas

A malicious cricket interrupts a man desperate for a quick, peaceful shower.

Baba Yaga by Cydney Cox Arlington, Texas

A desperate father makes an unimaginable sacrifice in order to save his dying daughter.

All Along the Watchtower by Adam Karlson Arlington, Texas

Two teenagers try to bury a body hours before prom, all while quoting Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’.

Underground by Joshua Gallas Arlington, Texas

When two men from different cultures, beliefs and languages are captured and thrown into a underground cell, they must learn how to live with each other in order to survive.

Underground Trailer from Joshua Gallas on Vimeo.

The Clown by Ana Smith Grapevine, Texas

A man who is becoming a successful businessman believes that it is better for him to abandon his pregnant girlfriend who gives birth to his only son in order to achieve his big career dream. Will that decision cost him later?

Short Films – Mixed

Longinus by Grant Aymond/Matthew Merkl Dallas, Texas

Longinus is a story of a young man, who faces the collision between the sacred and profane, caught in the gradient between good and evil. Startled by a voice in the wilderness, he finds himself tugged between the chaos of the natural world and the order of sacred tradition.

The Gabriella Order by Robert Bell Dallas, Texas

A lonely man gets more than he bargained for when he calls a random number in order to meet a beautiful stranger for the night.

Ball is Life by Terry Bluez Arlington, Texas

Ball is Life is the story of a young female basketball star on the verge of earning a Division I scholarship under the intense coaching of her overbearing father. But when her hoop dreams are jeopardized by an unplanned pregnancy, she must decide which is more important, Ball or Life?

When Damon Met Angie by Hugo Matz Dallas, Texas

After a long night of drinking and partying, David and Jessica spend the night together, but problems arise when Damon (David’s personal demon) meets Angie (Jessica’s guardian angel).

Minor Setback by Augustine Frizzell Dallas, Texas

High school dropouts and BFF’s, Jessie and Angela come up with a brilliant excuse to skip out on work so they can spend a day at the beach. Laying in the sand, smokin’ fatties and eating donuts is so close they can almost taste it… until something unexpected goes down.

Mousse by John Hellberg Stockholm, Sweden

What could be easier than robbing a small bookie place on the outskirts of town? It’s during the year’s biggest horse race event and the betting center Washington’s Tobacco looks like the ultimate hit for some fast cash. Mousse is a man of pride and principles and is fed up with living as a second-class citizen.

But what happens when he faces principles different to his own?

Interesting Tidbit: Director is from Stockholm, Sweden

Feature Narrative

Trippin’ to the Altar by David Reyes Austin, Texas

Couple hires a team of wannabe filmmakers to follow them during their engagement in this dramatic comedy.

DisAssociationVille by James Christopher Austin, Texas

Chris, lost in his late twenties and scrambling to find a sense of identity, returns home to small town Texas when he learns that his mother died. As he confronts the family, friends, life and love he abandoned, Chris must finally come to terms with his decision to run and try to take control of his own future.

Feature Documentary

Daddy Don’t Go by Emily Abt Brooklyn, New York

“Daddy Don’t Go” explores the crisis of fatherlessness in America by capturing two years in the lives of four disadvantaged fathers in New York City as they fight to defy the odds against them. And the odds are real – men living in poverty are more than twice as likely to become absent fathers than their middle-class peers (U.S. Census Bureau).

“Daddy Don’t Go” illuminates the hardships that impoverished fathers face and provides compelling portraits of men who are unwavering in their commitment to parenthood despite those challenges. The film is a tough but tender journey that aims to illuminate the everyday struggles of disadvantaged fathers.

This intimate, verité film pays homage to every man who negates the “deadbeat dad” stereotype with a deep love for his children. By allowing the viewer extraordinary access into the daily lives of its subjects, “Daddy Don’t Go” will remove the negative lens through which underprivileged fathers are currently viewed and offer audiences a new image of the American family.

Interesting Tidbit: Actors Omar Epps and Malik Yoba are executive producers on this project.
Tickets are $60-$100 with discounts offered to students and members of the sponsor organizations. Go to for the full festival lineup.
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