5 Chick Flicks to Get the Single Ladies Through a Long Hot Summer

Summer chick flicks for single ladiesWhile April showers brought May flowers, the boyfriend never did. June gloom is making its presence known. But it doesn’t stick around forever, thank goodness, and summer is upon us.

So while you may not be embarking on a romantic, bikini-clad vacation with your love, that’s no reason to keep the sun from shining. Or at least, your television screen from shining. These five classic chick flicks are sure to get you and your lady friends ready for embracing the best kind of summer … the single and ready to mingle summer.

Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion

Romy & Michel So you didn’t quite shed your winter layer…or land a job in the first month of graduation…or book a flight to Thailand like 300 of your closest Facebook friends.

Neither have Romy (Mira Sorvino) and Michele (Lisa Kudrow) who,besides remaining friends for years, have lackluster personal and professional lives. With their ten-year reunion coming up, they transform themselves into successful, serious career women through a series of intricate and unbelievable lies to trick their former classmates.

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion is a classic 90s movie is all about six things: bright outfits, envy-worthy dance moves, who’s cuter battles, the importance of a true best friend, sticking together, and the advantages of being kind to everyone. Well, except that one guy who deserves a light taste of revenge; ahem, Billy.

Drink some wine, eat some chocolate, don’t ever tell anyone you invented the Post-It and then maybe you’ll end up with the self-made multimillionaire nerd. Next summer you’ll be flying everywhere in a private helicopter and you’ll own the cutest boutique with your favorite gal pal.

By the end of this movie bash you’ll be off the couch, praising your accomplishments, and glad you have a best friend over a boyfriend.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsAt least all your friends aren’t leaving you this summer unlike the four perfect friends in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

If watching Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, and Amber Tamblyn in their early days doesn’t bring up the nostalgia feels then just stop reading my list.

The 16-year-olds girls find a pair of jeans that fits them all like “magic” on their final shopping spree before they leave on different summer vacations. Heartbroken at going months without seeing each other they decide each will keep the jeans for a week and then mail it to the next friend with a letter detailing all the luck it brought them.

Miles and continents away these teenagers experience serious coming-of-age moments, but the pants and their friendship prevails in the end.

This is technically the first movie that made me cry, but  the true first one was Land Before Time when I was six.

So call up your groupies or maybe your old besties from high school and reunite over this girl power movie.

Maybe it’ll spur a whole movie marathon starring Blake Lively, because hello, she’s one powerful leading lady.

Bend it Like Beckham

Bend it Like BeckhamTime to practice your British accent while daydreaming of being married to David Beckham. Okay, that’s not exactly the plotline but the title was inspired by the British soccer star.

In this 2002 comedy-drama, Jess Bhamra (Parminder Nagra) is infatuated with soccer, er football, but is forbidden to play by her strict Indian parents. That is until she meets Jules (Keira Knightley) who recruits her to join her semi-pro soccer team. While there is a little lovey-dovey action going on, it is a chick  flick after all, sorry… it’s really about bending the rules to go after your goals.

If this movie doesn’t make all American watchers love soccer for at least an hour and fifty-two minutes, nothing will. Every time you see a soccer ball and hear an elaborate excuse from Jess your own inner rebel will come out to play. Look out summer goals, the chicks are coming for you.


Just let it all go!. Who needs a summer boyfriend who refuses to watch one of the best Disney musicals of all time?

No one. Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) is a fearless princess whose kingdom is trapped in a perpetual winter. She takes off on a magical adventure with a trusty mountaineer and his oh so lovable reindeer encountering a hilariously adorable snowman (Josh Gad), mystical trolls and winter storms made of my California nightmares. But what’s the truly magical part? The sister-to-sister time between Anna and Snow Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel).

Frozen became an instant hit, cashing in a cool billion dollars in the box office. I watched this movie every Sunday on repeat my senior year of college with my four roommates. I bought one of them the singing snowman for their graduation present.

College-aged people, moms, dads, children of all ages will seriously all get my initial let it go reference. What I’m saying is, this movie is a hit and will make you say good riddance to winter, movies without sing-a-longs, and boys who aren’t animated hunks.

The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest ThingRotten Tomatoes must have been hacked by some almost decrepit men who are out to ban chick flicks, at least that’s the only reason I can think of for this movie’s 26 percent rating on the popular site.

It’s one of a few movies… think Clueless and Finding Nemo, that’ll I’ll stop literally anything I’m doing to watch. The restaurant-wide “Penis Song”, a movie montage in a fabulous gaudy clothing store, embarrassing “cleanups” with nun encounters and exploding toilets, this movie with three of your favorite actresses is hilarious.

The ultimate player, Christina Walters (Cameron Diaz) is all about embracing Mr. Right Now. So are we! Granted, this movie has some major love elements in it, as Christina and her friend Courtney (Christina Applegate) go on a crazy-girl road trip/manhunt for a boy Christina met in a bar.

Major plot twist:  I feel 100% comfortable spoiling since this movie’s over a decade old… they finally find this club-goer…and end up crashing his wedding.

Drink straight out of the wine bottle for this chick flick and maybe even break out some of those old bachelorette party toys you have lying around. The Sweetest Thing is the perfect mix of comedy, friendship, and even a little limelight for finding Mr. Right whenever you so decide it’s time.

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Guest Post by Jenna Lianna

jennaLiannaJenna may hide her tears in the movie theaters, but has a sweet, sweet love for the classic chick flicks and romantic comedies.

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