Emma Stone and Colin Firth Make Magic in the Moonlight

MagicMoonlight2Let me start by saying how much I LOVE Emma Stone! Ever since I saw her in Easy A and The Help I have enjoyed watching her on screen. Not only is she a talented actress, Emma Stone is smart, perky, funny, and cute.  It’s like Steve Carrell says in Crazy, Stupid Love, “she’s the perfect combination of sexy and cute”.

So, even though I am not generally a fan of Woody Allen’s movies, I watched Magic in the Moonlight.  This romantic comedy is set in 1920’s, a time when people were obsessed with mysticism and the occult.

A Mismatched Romantic Comedy

Colin Firth plays Stanley Crawford, a grumpy old magician who, like Houdini has earned a reputation for debunking fake spiritualists. Emma Stone plays Sophie Baker, a quirky young clairvoyant.

emma-stone-in-magic-in-the-moonlight-movie-11When Sophie is called upon to contact the dead husband of a wealthy matriarch, a family friend asks Stanley to expose her a scam artist. Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook) is funny as Grace Catledge,  the rich woman who wants to contact her dead husband from beyond the grave. Hamish Linklater is endearing as her grandson Brice, who falls in love and asks Sophie to marry him.

This sounds like the makings of good romantic comedy,  doesn’t it? Maybe it would have been if it wasn’t for a few things.

  • Colin Firth is 54 years old, Emma Stone is 26.
  • They are terribly mismatched in more than age.
  • They have about as much chemistry as a puddle of mud.

Colin’s character, Stanley is an arrogant, grumpy, mean old man and completely out of touch with his feelings. His sole purpose in this story is to prove Sophie a scam artist.

Emma’s Sophie is a light-hearted, free-spirited young woman who has a handsome young millionaire who wants to marry her. Did I mention that she has a handsome, young millionaire who wants to marry her? 

Grumpy Old Men

Maybe I’m crazy, but why does Hollywood think that women want grumpy old men? It’s not just in this movie.

Why would Diane Keaton leave a handsome, young doctor (Keanu Reeves) who adores her to be with a sloppy, grumpy old man (Jack Nicholson) in Something’s Gotta Give? This is not the first time Emma has had a much older love interest in a move. In Gangster Squad, Sean Penn was 54.

Maybe it’s just me. You know how much I like to see a good-looking guy on the big screen. Let’s look at the box office shall we?

  • Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid Love: Big Hit! (Ryan Gosling’s abs didn’t hurt)
  • Emma Stone and Sean Penn in Gangster Squad: Big Flop!
  • Emma Stone and Colin Firth in Magic in the Moonlight: I think it went straight to cable TV.

Anyway… Check out Emma Stone in a few of her other movies. See why Emma Stone is the Just Chick Flicks Actress of the Month.

Emma Stone Movies


Easy A (2010) A high school girl tells a little white lie about losing her virginity and that’s just the beginning of Scarlet Letter-level trouble.

The Help (2011) Based on the best-selling book by Kathryn Stockett, and starring one of my other favorite actresses, Viola Davis.

Crazy Stupid Love (2011) Also stars Steve Carrell, Juliane Moore and Ryan Gosling

Birdman (2014) Emma Stone was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for playing Michael Keaton estranged daughter in this movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2  (2014) Emma and her man, Andrew Garfield are great together.

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