Fun Things to Do at a Teenage Girl’s Sleepover

Sleepovers are a fun experience every teen must try at least once in their lives. Some sleepovers flop because the parents or other adults  don’t plan enough things to do to make the experience fun and memorable. Here are a few fun ideas for a teenage girl’s sleepover.

Have a lot of snacks to eat and share

Pizza, chips, chocolates, ice cream, and soda are just some of the  foods to eat during sleepovers. Try to include other foods like veggies, fruits, tacos, and tortilla chips and different kinds of salsas for dipping. If you are planning to stay awake, prepare some lattes or hot chocolate to drink.

Watch your favorite chick flick movies

Watching a romantic comedy or other chick flicks is usually the highlight of a teenage girl’s sleepover. They can watch chick flicks while eating their favorite snacks. Chick flicks, like Clueless, Mean Girls and The Hunger Games are popular with teenage girls. This is one  genre they would never find boring.

Hunger Games salute

You can find movies that are age appropriate. Consider classic chick flicks, like Jane Eyre or the ever popular The Princess Bride and Ever After.  Watching horror movies and scaring each other is also a good way to spend the night.

Dress-up and Makeover

Young girls love to play dress up, so provide a few props, so that they to mix and match their clothes. If you have a really good style, share it to everyone.  Let’s them  experiment with different hairstyles. Do you ever wonder what you will look like if your hair is braided? Maybe after the sleepover, you can be someone new that everyone would love.

Bake and Cook

Pinterest and other site are full of recipes and step by step directions for simple meals you can make as a group. The girls will  enjoy making cookies  cupcakes or even their own mini pizzas.  Find meals that are simple to prepare and don’t require too many ingredients. You don’t need professional experience  for baking and cooking. You just have to follow directions.

Talk about books

Most teenage girls love to read. Look at the popularity of young adult books like The Hunger Games,  Twilight and The Book Thief. Talking about the books they’ve read makes for a good conversation during sleepovers.  Invite each girl to bring their favorite book. They would not just learn about the interesting books that their friends enjoy, but they would  learn more about their friends,  their interests and personalities.

Take Pictures and Selfies

Young  girls love to take photos of themselves. The photos to be taken are not taken to have something to do, but to have a remembrance of the friendship that has been formed or strengthen because of a sleepover.

What are some of your favorite movies for teenage girls?
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