5 Movies That Can Help You Get Through a Tough Divorce

Its-Complicated09-12-21-cA divorce is one of the most stressful and disheartening life events a person can endure. What was once a forever-binding relationship that you had faith and joy in has dissolved and turned your world upside-down.

Movies can inspire hope, relieve pain and stimulate laughter. They provide a different perspective on trying times, and a much desired escape from reality. Divorce movies are produced all the time, but most of them can make you feel even more dispirited than the day you signed on the dotted line.

We have provided a list of the five most uplifting flicks about divorce that speak to your emotions in just the ways you need them to.

1.  It’s Complicated

A glance at the cast alone, and you know you’re in for a good-spirited, witty and encouraging two-hour vacation. Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin join together to tell the story of life after divorce, the joys of returning to the dating world and the challenges of never knowing what the right answer is.

Years after their divorce, Jane and Jake Adler (Streep and Baldwin) reunite at their son’s graduation, only to find that a flame between the two of them is unexpectedly rekindled. However, Jake is remarried to a younger woman and Jane is finally a freely dating divorcee. Through laughter, tears and countless awkward moments, Jane learns a later-in-life lesson and discovers the path she needs to take.

2.  Under the Tuscan Sun

Under_the_Tuscan_Sun_Diane_LaneFrances Mayes (Diane Lane) was a successful, happily married San Francisco writer who had it all figured out until she discovers that her husband has been having an affair. When she loses her husband and her home to a pregnant, much younger woman, she finds herself with incurable writers block and an inability to move on with her own life.

Frances heeds the counsel of her concerned friends and joins a bus tour of Tuscany to get away and clear her mind. Inspired by her surroundings, she takes a leap of faith and purchases a broken down villa.

In the process of restoring her new home, she is also able to heal her broken heart and get her life back in an immense, unforeseen way.

3.   Waiting to Exhale

waiting to exhaleFour affluent, but unlucky in love African-American women find solace in one another as they battle relationships with men and friendships with each other.

Based on the book of the same name by Terry McMillian and with a killer soundtrack featuring Mary J. Blige and Whitney.

Each woman finds herself holding her breath while she waits for a man to whom she can feel contented and committed. Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett lead the cast in  this film that pulls at the heartstrings, as each one of these four women has a story that is relatable and significant.

Between the wives, mistresses, drug addictions and careers put on hold, any woman going through a thorny divorce can relate to the difficulties these women overcome in Waiting to Exhale. You will love Angela Bassett’s cleaning out his closet scene.

4.     Eat Pray Love

Eat_Pray_Love_1Arguably the most applicable and inspirational silver screen divorce story in recent years, this flick tells a chronicle that reminds women that a fulfilling life can truly exist after a divorce.

Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) had everything she had ever sought, yet somehow felt miserable and lost in her own marriage, feeling confused about what she wanted in her life. On a worldwide quest for self-discovery, Liz Gilbert explores who she is through her experiences. She is met with challenges, pangs of sadness and confusion along the way, but ultimately rediscovers herself in happiness and in love.

5.     Stepmom


Hello again, Julia Roberts. You know how to pull us out of the gloominess of a messy divorce. This moving film is all about life after divorce, remarriage, raising children in multiple homes and dealing with life’s most tragic hardships.

When Jackie and Luke (Susan Sarandon and Ed Harris) end their marriage, Luke proposes to Isabel (Julia Roberts) and the three quickly discover just how difficult it can be to forge relationships with one another and to merge families.

When Jackie discovers that she is battling terminal cancer, their lives unravel in an even more profound way. Crossing nearly insurmountable hurdles along the way, the family finds strength and support in places they least expect it – within each other.

Which movie(s) do you like to watch when you are getting over a tough breakup or a divorce?



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