5 Things About Just Chick Flicks

 About Just Chick Flicks

Is this your first visit to Just Chick Flicks? Let me show you around. These are a few blog posts that will give you an idea of what Just Chick Flicks is all about.

My Very First Blog Post

31 Tearjerkers or Why I like to Cry at Movies was inspired by Imitation of Life, the 1955 movie starring Lana Turner, Juanita Moore, Sandra Dee and John Gavin. I was watching it one night and wondered how many other people like to cry at sad movies.

The Post I Enjoyed Writing The Most

My review of The Princess and the Frog was fun because I saw the movie on a Sunday afternoon along with 30 little girls in the three rows behind me. A Princess and the Frog birthday party with 3o little princesses filled to the brim with sugar and the anticipation of a beautiful new princess, a handsome prince and a happily ever after.

The Post With A Great Discussion

The Ugly Truth About Dating started a lively discussion about love and dating and marriage.

The Post With A Title I Am Proud Of

Chick Flicks: Only Pretty Girls Need Apply. This clever title is a review of a cute chick flick, title Penelope and my rant about our concepts about beauty and love.

The  Post That I Wish More People Had Read

I was a big fan of the TV show Ugly Betty. Based on the Mexican novella (soap opera), Ugly Betty was funny and heart-warming.  I wrote a review of the final episode, Saying Good-Bye to Ugly Betty that  I wish more people had read.

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About Clarabela

Clarabela (Clara Mathews) is freelance web content copywriter, professional blogger and Hugh Jackman fan. In addition to writing about her love of movies at JustChickFlicks.com, Clarabela is also a regular contributor to DignityZine.  Follow Just Chick Flicks on Facebook.