The Great Gatsby Opens May 10th

the_great_gatsby_movieAustralian director,  Baz Luhrmann brings the great American novel to the big screen, with his re-make of The Great Gatsby. Like his other movies, Moulin Rouge, William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet
and  Austrailia, Luhrmann gives this movie a his special, modern touch.

Leonardo diCaprio stars as the title character, Jay Gatsby in this movie, based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Carey Milligan stars as the love of his life, Daisy. Toby McGuire hangs up his Spiderman suit to play the writer/narrator, Nick Carraway.

The Hot New Music

Fitzgerald’s novel chronicles the Jazz Age, often referencing the hot jazz songs of his time. Baz Luhrmann has taken that one step further by using the hot music of our time, hip-hop. With songs from artists like Jay-Z, Beyonce’, Lana Del Rey, Florence + The Machine and Will.I.Am, the music From Baz Luhrmann’s film makes this a movie for a new ‘lost generation’.

 The Novel I Never Read

The Great Gatsby is one of those books you are supposed to read in high school. I am embarrassed to say, I must have used the Cliff Notes for that class. Now I feel compelled to read the book in order to give an honest review of the movie. How sad is that?

Have you read The Great Gatsby? What did you think of it?

Gatsby-Style Fashion

Gatsby-fashionThe glitz, glamour, ornate details of the fashion of Roaring 20’s has a style all its own. With Art Deco inspirations,  “The Great Gatsby” is bound to show up in this summer’s fashion. Whether you are looking to enjoy a casual Gatsby themed garden party or don your most glamorous look at a fabulous cocktail evening, there are plenty of ways with ModCloth* to add a flapper-esque flair to any look this spring/summer.

  • Details, details, details. Epaulets, pearls, rhinestones, and sequins were highly used during this time period to add glitz to an evening outfit.
  • Slender silhouettes. While you could still see a full skirt, long hemline, and high neck, the robe de style dress featuring a drop waist and straight cut was the most popular style.
  • Haute headpieces. To top off the entire look, add a whimsical & decadent headpiece from ModCloth. You can even DIY a fabulous headband with ribbon, feathers, and gemstones!

For more tips & tricks to achieve the perfect flapper-esque look, visit the ModStylists here: 1920’s Great Gatsby Fashion at ModCloth.*

Other Versions of The Great Gatsby

A beautifully golden Robert Redford and Mia Farrow starred in the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby, with Sam Waterston (you might remember him from Law & Order) as the writer, Nick Carraway.

There have been other versions: Mira Sorvino and Toby Stephens starred in an A&E adaptation of Gatsby; and Alan Ladd and Betty Field appeared as Gatsby and Daisy in 1949. There was even a silient movie version of The Great Gatsby in 1926.

Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby is in theaters on May 10, 2013.

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