Mad Men Week: Far Away Places and At the Codfish Ball

mad-men-falling manA few 60’s icons make an appearance in episode 6 of Mad Men. From the familiar orange roof of a Howard Johnson’s to tripping the light fantastic with LSD.

Far Away Places

Peggy is nervous about making yet another pitch to the Heinz people. Making matters worse Don takes the day off with Megan to drive upstate to visit, a potential client-Howard Johnson’s.  Megan hesitates leaving her co-workers with the big Heinz presentation due.

Peggy makes the pitch and no surprise, Heinz didn’t like. She is fed up and tells them that  “It’s young and it’s beautiful, and no one else is going to figure out how to say that about beans!” Oops! Peggy is off the account. So, like her mentor, Don Draper she heads to the movie theater to think.

Orange Sherbet Tastes Like Perfume

Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

When they  arrive at the Howard Johnson’s Don insist that  Megan try their special orange sherbet. Even though she doesn’t want to, Don continues to insist. I didn’t see it coming, but she snapped. Megan started shoving heaping spoonfuls of orange sherbet into her mouth. uh oh… trouble in paradise.

The Drapers have their first fight! Don storms out, but Megan won’t get in the car. Don leaves her, but returns right away to get her, but she is not there.

Don waits for Megan at the restaurant for hours. He makes several frantic phone calls to his home and office looking for her. Several hours later he finds Megan at home.

She caught the bus back to city.  Don,  on the verge of tears, thinking that he had lost Megan, falls on his knees and clutching Megan around her waist.

Roger and Jane Take a Trip

Jane Sterling encourages her husband to expand his mind with LSD.They attend a dinner party where the hostess hands out the drug to her guests. Under the hallucenagenic effects of LSD, Roger realizes that he doesn’t like Jane very much and wants a divorce.

You’ve been on love leave”

The next day, Bert  Cooper tells Don he should leave a ‘little girl’ in charge of major client accounts. “You’ve been on love leave,” Cooper warns. “It’s amazing things are going as well as they are with as little as you are doing.

 At the Codfish Ball

Photo Credit: Ron Jaffe/AMC

Photo Credit: Ron Jaffe/AMC

Don’s excitement about receiving a reward from the American Cancer Society is dampened by houseguest. Megan’s parents, Emile and Marie are visiting from Montreal causing tension in the Draper home.

As if their constant quarrelling in French isn’t enough, they plant seeds of dissatisfaction in Megan. Megan’s father reminds her that she came to New York to be an actress, not work in advertising. And on the other hand, Megan’s mother, Marie tells her that she may not have the talent to be an actress. Marie is also quite a flirt. Her mother is wonderfully played by Julia Ormond.

Emile CalvetOne day your little girl will spread her legs and fly away,”
Megan Draper:  “Wings, daddy

Adding to the household tension, Bobby and Sally are also visiting for the weekend. We don’t see to much of Bobby Draper.

Megan and Marie take Sally shopping to buy an outfit for the ACS awards banquet. They dress up her with a mini-dress, white knee-high boots and make-up. Don is not happy with such a grown-up look on his little girl and he insists Sally take off the make-up and the boots. Even without the make-up and boots Sally is starting to look like a teenager.

But Sally is at the awkward age when she wants so badly to be an adult, but she is still just a little girl. Later that evening at the awards banquet, Sally wanders into the wrong room and gets a glimpse into the adult world. She see Megan’s mother and Roger Sterling engaged in an intimate act.

Men don’t take the time to end things, They ignore you until you insist on a declaration of hate.” –Joan Harris

Peggy thinks that Abe is planning to propose, but she is disappoint what he proposes is not marriage, but living together. This is a controversial decision. As modern as Peggy thinks she is, she doesn’t want to be one of those unmarried people ‘living in sin’ or ‘shaking up’.

Peggy invites  her mother over for dinner, to tell her about her decision to move in with Abe. Peggy’s mother gives her some loving and sincere advice. “This man will never marry you. He is just using you are practice for marriage“.

What was your favorite moment or moments in these two episodes?
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