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The Strong Woman: Upcoming Movie Roles that Buck Hollywood Tradition

Even though women’s equal rights have existed since the 1970s, sadly, many women’s roles in movies are still lacking. A lot of women are portrayed as shallow creatures that only care about clothes, romance, and food. These shallow roles do not portray women in their true light- as strong, caring individuals who face the same struggles and hardships as men. The following … [Read more...]

The Inspirational Billie Burke

Ask most people who Billie Burke was and they won’t be able to tell you. Yet we all know her. In fact, most people would probably get the sex wrong unless they saw the spelling first. And this is a great shame – because all women in film, and the billions of us who love to watch them – owe Billie Burke a debt of enormous gratitude. Who was Billie Burke? Well the reason we all … [Read more...]

Mad Men Week: Far Away Places and At the Codfish Ball

A few 60's icons make an appearance in episode 6 of Mad Men. From the familiar orange roof of a Howard Johnson's to tripping the light fantastic with LSD. Far Away Places Peggy is nervous about making yet another pitch to the Heinz people. Making matters worse Don takes the day off with Megan to drive upstate to visit, a potential client-Howard Johnson's.  Megan hesitates … [Read more...]

Mad Men Week: Mystery Date and Signal 30

Mystery Date This episode is very dark. The news of the news about race riots and the 1966 murder of eight nurses in Chicago permeates the show. Today, news of a mass murder or serial killer is barely from page news. But in 1966, this was unheard of. People were both horrified and curious.  Peggy's friend Joyce come to SCDP with gory  unpublished crime scene photos from Life … [Read more...]

Mad Men Week: A Little Kiss and Tea Leaves

Today is the beginning of Mad Men week on Just Chick Flicks. Each day this week, I will recap two episodes from Season 5 of the one of my favorite  TV shows, Mad Men. This is your chance to refresh your memory on all of the happenings at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. If you are a fan of the show,  you might agree with me that Season 5 was probably the best season ever. … [Read more...]