Mad Men Week: Season 5 Recap

mad men season 5 posterDon Draper why have you been gone so long? It has been almost a year since Season 5 ended with Don sitting at a bar with a wicked look in his eyes.

Does this mark the return of ‘Bad Don‘ or will ‘Good Don’ resist temptation and be faithful to Megan? Only Matt Weiner knows for sure. And we will find out next week when Mad Men starts its 6th season on AMC.

It’s Mad Men Week on Just Chick Flicks

What did you miss on Season 5 of Mad Men? Don Draper married his sexy, young secretary, Megan. The former Mrs. Betty Draper is now married to Henry Francis, along with the three Draper kids, Sally Bobby and Baby Gene. Roger’s marriage is in trouble. Peggy is getting more and more ambitious and Joan’s horrible husband is still in Viet Nam.

This week, Just Chick Flicks will give you a recap of each episode of Mad Men, Season 5, every day until the 2-hour season premiere on Sunday, April 7th.

Stay tuned for the first two episodes: A Little Kiss and Tea Leaves.
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