The Chick Flicks Fashion Style Guide of The Tourist

One of the really enjoyable movies recently released on DVD is The Tourist, with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. This PG 13 rated movie should be strongly recommended because of its portrayal of a strong female lead, a great male lead who does not attempt to steal the show and the great fashion sense of costume designer, Colleen Atwood. This is a chick flick with all of the right elements.

Strength with Style

Angelina Jolie plays a smart and independent  woman who is willing to stand up to just about anyone, can think on her feet, has the courage to rely on herself and can still look great doing it all. She can outrun the police, save Johnny Depp’s life and do all manner of difficult and dangerous maneuvers while staying calm and collected.

She is fun to watch and still relays an image of the type of tough woman who most teenagers and young women like to see today. She is also portrayed as having to use her head instead of being able to jump over swinging swords in a single somersault. Angelina also wears lovely clothes throughout the movie that are at times stunning, but never tacky.

Colleen Atwood, the costume designer for this film  has dressed Johnny Depp in many of his movies, like The Rum Diary, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Public Enemies
and Edward Scissorhands,  It is no wonder that Colleen Atwood has won three Academy Awards for Best Costume in Alice in Wonderland (also starring Johnny Depp), Memoirs Of A Geisha, and Chicago.

Ingrained Elegance

Angelina, of course, has long ago proven that she can look chic in just about anything. Her ability to look absolutely comfortable in elegant clothing, whether it be shopping, traveling by train or saving poor Johnny Depp by skillfully maneuvering a motor boat, shouts of living a grand existence that is accustomed to the finer things in life. Her fashion style guide inspires us all to stand up straight while looking natural doing it.

Bold and Natural Colors

Colleen Atwood’s choice of colors also set the costumes apart from the usual fare. From an all-black mid-calf ensemble while shopping,  to an earth-colored day dress and white evening gown, this collection speaks of the always tried and true understated glamour that whispers, “Class.” Ms Jolie shows us how to wear solid colors and straight lines with finesse.

One of the many refreshing aspects of this film is the sense of good taste that is constantly seen throughout the story.  There are no gaudy prints, unmatched or glaring color combinations and the clothing all fits well.

After the glaring attire of most female stars in many current action movies, this is certainly a pleasant surprise. It is fun to watch for both teens and older women, alike. How refreshing to watch a movie like The Tourist that features a brilliant woman who can save the day, and yet appear refined and fashionably chic throughout the film.

About The Author:

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