5 Inspirational Chick Flicks For Singles

Traditional romantic chick flicks aren’t always the best films to watch when you’re single. They’re often about overcoming the obstacles of love, with a few laughs along the way and a cheesy ending.

Here are five chick flicks that take a slightly different view of being single – they’ll make you feel inspired and empowered, happy to embrace your single status and optimistic about what the future holds, romantically and otherwise.

Legally Blonde

Who wouldn’t want to watch Reese Witherspoon, dressed universally in pink, throw off the shackles of her snobbish boyfriend and discover her true worth and a promising future at law school?

As the main ethos is about being who you want to be, as well as knowing the value of a truly suitable partner, this is perfect for any singleton.


Here we follow a woman who spends her life making delicious pies in an effort to try to escape from the people in her life who oppress her – whether that’s her awful husband, her boss at the café, or the baby she’s expecting with much trepidation.

After a brief affair with her doctor, she gives birth and is seized by such a rush of maternal strength. She promptly realises she doesn’t need to be bound by men who bring her down. She divorces her husband, ends her affair and takes up the role she’s been waiting for without knowing it: a mother – with a pie diner of her own. Inspirational for singles – inspirational for everyone.

The Women

This film follows a woman who discovers her husband has been having an affair and we watch how she and her close friends handle it. This has a bit of a Sex and the City feel about it – but with slightly more brains and sensitivity.

It calls into question friendships and relationships and, again, is about female independence and strength. Most empowering is the clever device of using a female-only cast. Also check out the original 1939 version of  The Women, starring Joan Crawford.


Ellen Page stars as June, the  brave teen selflessly go through the stages of pregnancy and give her child away. It is a very moving and empowering experience. Its focus certainly isn’t on romance, but on morality, strength and the general issues of life, including discovering who you really are.

(500) Days of Summer


A slight twist on a normal chick flick, this film’s protagonist is male. We watch him fall completely in love with his colleague, but she, unfortunately, is a relationship cynic who isn’t looking for romance.

Rather than a slow wait for their happy reunion at the end, we see our protagonist struggle with the truth that Summer (played by Zooey Deschanel) will never be his. Funny, honest and scarily true to life, this one’s another good singles film.

Whether you’re enjoying your single status, or are ready to meet that special someone, these chick flicks are inspirational to watch. They’re philosophical rather than soppy, advocating both relationships and independence.

If you are looking for love, take note from the lessons learned in these films and make sure you find a partner with whom you’re perfectly matched. Whether you’re interested in finding a kindred spirit who shares your love of films or are hoping to meet someone on the Christian dating scene, why not try online dating? It’s a great way to find that special person who will empower and inspire you.

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