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The Chick Flicks Fashion Style Guide of The Tourist

One of the really enjoyable movies recently released on DVD is The Tourist, with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. This PG 13 rated movie should be strongly recommended because of its portrayal of a strong female lead, a great male lead who does not attempt to steal the show and the great fashion sense of costume designer, Colleen Atwood. This is a chick flick with all of the … [Read more...]

5 Inspirational Chick Flicks For Singles

Traditional romantic chick flicks aren’t always the best films to watch when you’re single. They’re often about overcoming the obstacles of love, with a few laughs along the way and a cheesy ending. Here are five chick flicks that take a slightly different view of being single – they’ll make you feel inspired and empowered, happy to embrace your single status and optimistic … [Read more...]

5 Chick Flicks for a Great Girl’s Night In

Sometimes, there's nothing better than not going out on a Friday night. While the rest of the women of the world are squeezing into their best party dresses and Spanx, you get to shed your work clothes, wear yoga pants, and binge on popcorn and Dr. Pepper. What could be better? If you're married, shoo your guy out on for his boy's nigh. If you're unattached, there is nothing … [Read more...]