Five Fashionably Memorable Moments in 90’s Movies

The 90’s was a decade filled with great music, new tech inventions, and new generations of actors and actresses. The entertainment industry was in full swing during this memorable decade and with it came many fun, funky and outright bizarre fashion tips. But just as with any generation, there are certain fashion tips that remain relevant even over the long haul.

From the many great movies that came out of the 90’s and in those movies are some fashion styles that are still relevant for women today.

Here are my top five most fashionably memorable 90’s cinema moments

Pretty Woman

Who can forget the scene when Julia Roberts character walks into the dress shop only to be shunned away due to her lack of fashion. Luckily, she found a man who would help redo her street look and make her more elegant.

One of the best picks from this movie is the brown polka dot dress she wore to the polo tournament. This pattern, along with this neutral color are still fashionable today and could be easily created to a modern look, making it one of the most memorable dresses of the movie.

Jerry Maguire

Instead of the focus on money, this movie also focused on the incredible love interest between the Tom Cruise and Renee Zellwegger on-screen characters.

The memorable line of “You had me at hello” came when she was wearing a classic little black dress. This dress made a lasting impression on many young women because of its strappy sexiness combined with its conservative appeal.

This dress became quickly well-known and helped solidify the ever popular little black dress look that so many women still sport today.

American Beauty

While this scandalous movie had a lot of drama and grim moments, one of the more memorable fashions was the preppy look worn by the adulteress of the movie.

From her cheerleader outfit that opened up into a display of roses in the minds of the men watching, to the preppy looks she wore throughout the movie, her fashion still sets an example for the new age of preppy attire making a strong comeback today.

From letterman jackets to argyle cardigans and skirts, this look could easily still be worn on-screen or in real life today.


This movie, while set in the 1920’s, had many fashionable moments in Kate Winslet’s character. First was her beautiful lace dress. The sheer black overlay with elegant jewels and a hint of scandalous red underneath was one of the most well-known dresses worn on-screen during its release.

Then, the blue heart diamond necklace that was so infamously thrown into the ocean at the end of the film created a spark for large and elegant jewelry that is still worn today.

Both of these trends demonstrated elegance of the rich class, but also a beauty that could be obtained by people with fewer resources.

Wayne’s World

While this movie was not known for its fashionable moments, one of its most memorable fashions displays were the cutoff jeans worn by nearly everyone in the movie.

The worn look of these jeans and the cut off shorts that so many women still sport remain a hot fashion item still today. The neon seen throughout this movie has also made a strong comeback and is highly fashionable in today’s world.

While the 90’s was mostly known for its bold prints, neon colors and extremely baggy pants, some fashions have been reinvented and are making a comeback in today’s world. For memorable looks that are still fashionable today, look to these movies for inspiration.

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