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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: Much More Than Beer at the Movies

Dallas movie lovers are in for a real treat. In just a few short months, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will open Richardson. The Austin, Texas cinema chain, famous for its no talking-no texting during a movie policy will be open in a Richardson shopping center at Central Expressway and Beltline (just North of Dallas) in the spring of 2013. This week, I was fortunate to be part … [Read more...]

Five Fashionably Memorable Moments in 90’s Movies

The 90’s was a decade filled with great music, new tech inventions, and new generations of actors and actresses. The entertainment industry was in full swing during this memorable decade and with it came many fun, funky and outright bizarre fashion tips. But just as with any generation, there are certain fashion tips that remain relevant even over the long haul. From the … [Read more...]