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Classic Chick Flick: His Girl Friday

Modern women often talk about the idea of having it all. Having a happy family and a loving husband and a successful career. The jury is still out on that,  if that is even possible. In 1940, director Howard Hawkes tackled the subject with Ben Hecht's screwball comedy, His Girl Friday. This is one of my favorite Rosalind Russell movies. Rosalind Russell starred as Hildy … [Read more...]

Just Chick Flicks Summer Movie Preview

Ah summertime! A time when a young Hollywood producer's dreams turns to cold hard cash. It is also time when they let loose a torrent of big blockbuster movies to help us while away our summer vacation. As usual, there is no shortage of action, sci-fi and super hero movies, including a reboot of Spiderman with Andrew Garfield and my new favorite chick flick girl, Emma … [Read more...]

4 Strong Female Lead Characters

Serious movie-lovers talk about it all the time...Roles for women in cinema are limited. It’s just a fact. The pre-teen/teenage boy demographic that Hollywood studios have been going out of their way to entice,  ever increasingly over the past decade or two simply is not interested in strong, well-rounded female characters. The only thing teenage boys care about being … [Read more...]