Remembering Nora Ephron

Chick Flick lovers are mourning the loss of screenwriter-director, Nora Ephron, the woman behind many of our favorite movies. On June 26, 2012, Nora died at the age of 71.

Nora Ephron created strong, intelligent and sometimes quirky female characters like Sally Albright in When Harry Met Sally, Annie Reed in Sleepless in Seattle and made Meg Ryan the Queen of the Romantic Comedy in the 80’s and 90’s.

From her novel, Heartburn which was made into a movie starring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson in 1983  to Julie and Julia, also starring Meryl Streep, Ephron has left us with a wonderful legacy of great movies.

What are your favorite Nora Ephron movie?

Julie and Julia

Julie & Julia is the story of one woman who is inspired  by another women to achieve her dreams. The parallel stories of Julie Powell and Julia Child, two women who love to cook.  Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams is a frustrated employee at a government bureaucracy who decides to write a blog. And like most bloggers, she writes about her passion, which happens to be cooking. UsingJulia Child as the inspiration for her blog, The Julie/Julia Project she cooks one dish from Childs’ The Art of French Cooking, every day for a year.

Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle is absolutely one of my favorite movies. Carl Reiner directs this romantic comedy, written by Nora Ephron, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Meg is Annie Reed, a journalist who falls for a man she hears on a call-in radio show.

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry first met Sally they hated each other. Thus starts one of my all time favorite romantic comedies. [I know, I say that about all of them…but this one really is] Meg Ryan is perfect as Sally Albright, a high maintenance girl who doesn’t think she is high maintenance. Bill Crystal is funny as Harry Burns. Rob Reiner directs this story of best friends who finally realize that they love each other.

You’ve Got Mail

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are together again in the modern-day remake of The Shop Around the Corner. But instead of the store clerk pen pals in the Ernst Lubitsch movie,  they are rival bookstore owners who exchange emails. Meg and Tom are two of the most charming star-crossed lovers in the history of romantic comedies.


Meryl Strep stars with Jack Nicholson in Heartburn,  a romantic comedy about the marriage of two writers. Mike Nichols directed this semi-autobiographical movie based on Ephron’s tumultuous marriage and divorce to journalist, Carl Bernstein.


Meryl Streep, Cher and Kurt Russell give outstanding performances in Silkwood,  the story of Karen Silkwood, a whistle-blower at a nuclear plant.Allegedly contaminated, and harassed at work, Silkwood threaten to expose safety violations at the plutonium processing plant. Silkwood disappeared in 1974 on her way to meet a reporter.

Books by Nora Ephron

In addition to her work as a director and screenwriter, Nora Ephron wrote several books that reflected her humorous view of life and growing older.

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