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Mad_Men_season 5 Photo Credit- Frank Ockenfels 3:AMCYou know how much I love the AMC series, Mad Men. I have suffered for more than a year without any new antics by Don Draper,  not knowing what will become of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce and wondering what Joan’s husband will say when  the baby  with salt and pepper hair and a wry sense of humor. Matt Weiner, how could you keep me waiting so long?

Finally, Mad Men is back with new episodes. When we left  last season, SCDP was in financial trouble after losing Lucky Strike as a client, Joan finds out she’s pregnant with her horrible husband in Viet Nam; Peggy lands a big account and Don asks Megan to marry him out of the clear, blue sky. Meanwhile in the suburbs, creepy Glenn is still stalking Sally, Betty fires Carla and Henry Francis moves them all to a new home in Ossling. What will happen next?

My Predictions For Season 5

Trouble in Francis household Poor Henry Francis will finally realize that Betty is not the innocent victim she pretends to be. After moving to Ossling, Betty starts a drinking habit that gets worse with the addition to sleeping pills.

Teenage Sally Gets in Trouble–  Moving her away from Glenn, Carla and all her friends will not have a good affect on Sally Draper. She will befriend someone even creepier than Glenn. I don’t know what will happen with poor, neglected Bobby Draper. It’s a good thing he moved to Storyville in Once Upon a Time.

Peggy and Pete’s Baby Comes Back: I don’t know how Matt Weiner will do it, but somehow and some way, the baby that Peggy gave up for adoption will reappear. Maybe as one of  little Tammy Campbell’s playmates.

Greg Comes Home Early: Joan’s despicable husband will probably get dishonorably discharged for war crimes or something. When he arrives, he will find a toddler with salt and pepper hair, driving a Lincoln.

Peggy becomes a partner in SCDP: From secretary to junior copywriter to a copywriter with an office. With the new Topaz Pantyhose account, Peggy has the leverage she needs to move up in the company.

Ethnic Diversity, Don Gets a New Secretary: Now that Megan is the new Mrs. Donald Draper, she will want to use her new ‘power’ to move up in the company. Don’s new secretary will be played by Sanaa Lathan, the first African American character on Mad Men. (not counting the chocolate bunny). And we all know how much Don like secretaries.

What do you think will happen  on Season 5 of Mad Men?
Mad Men returns with a 2-hour episode to open Season 5. So get out your cocktail shakers and plan a 1960’s themed party. AMC has tons of Mad Men party planning ideas, including a cocktail guide.


 *Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC
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