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The Hunger Games Redefines the Chick Flick

Suzanne Collins' popular novel, The Hunger Games hit the big screen with a bang. With Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role as Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games pulled in the big bucks...more than $155 million on its opening weekend. The Hunger Games has received great reviews from fans of the books and newcomers. I hope Hollywood is listening.(They always listen to box office … [Read more...]

Mad About Mad Men

You know how much I love the AMC series, Mad Men. I have suffered for more than a year without any new antics by Don Draper,  not knowing what will become of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce and wondering what Joan's husband will say when  the baby  with salt and pepper hair and a wry sense of humor. Matt Weiner, how could you keep me waiting so long? Finally, Mad Men is back … [Read more...]

Getting Hungry for The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games anticipation is mounting. With movie trailers, a massive mall tour and   non-stop media coverage, the buzz about The Hunger Games is HUGE! Add that to the millions of young readers of Suzanne Collins' popular novels and you have a major box office hit on your hands. That is, if you don't ruin it. When filmmakers  adapt a book, they  often make changes and  try … [Read more...]

Oscar Winners and Nominees on DVD

Award season is all over. The envelopes have all been opened, the dazzling jewels have been returned to Harry Winston and the fake tans have faded. Do not despair, movie lovers. If you missed any of the Oscar winners or nominees in theaters,  you can see most of the movies on DVD in March 2012. The Artist took home 5 Oscars:  Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Costume … [Read more...]