Hugh Jackman on Broadway and I’m in Texas (What’s Wrong With This Picture?)

Once in a lifetime the stars align in such a perfect confluence of circumstances that it makes the angels me weep. That’s right baby! Hugh Jackman is Back on Broadway! Oh yeah! The Wolverine is singing and dancing across the stage of the Broadhurst Theater in New York City, from mid-October to January 1st.

In a Perfect World

In a perfect, fair and just world, I would actually be writing this post (on my 27″ iMac) from my luxury, gorgeously decorated penthouse apartment in New York, with a pair of front row tickets for Saturday performance sitting snuggly in my pocket. And I would be thin. But the @#$% Recession is conspiring to keep Hugh and I apart.

I tried talking to several of my closest friends, asking begging them to give me $3000 to go to New York to see Hugh Jackman only to be laughed at and told a few other unkind adjectives. I explained with everything short of an Excel spreadsheet why I need that much money.

Round trip ticket from Dallas to NYC- $800…. hotel room close to the Broadhurst Theater, so I can watch Hugh walk to work – $800….meals, new outfit and taxis – $300….front row ticket for Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway – $350….the rest is either for bribing stage hands, medical attention or bail.

I don’t want you to think I am obsessed with Hugh Jackman or anything. I just happen to be extremely attracted to multi-talented Australian men with buffed up arms and Adamantium claws, who can also host the Oscars and the Tony Awards….just sayin’.

Reel Steel

In lieu of the tuxedo-clad Hugh, I went to see Real Steel, a futuristic boxing movie with Hugh as deadbeat dad, Charlie Kenton. Apparently in the next 10-15 years, life-size Rock Em, Sock Em Robot boxing will be the top sport, putting real boxers like Charlie out of work. After an illustrious career as a human boxer, Charlie is now a down on his luck robot boxing promoter. His on again-off again girlfriend, Bailey is played by Evangeline Lilly (Lost). They make a nice couple, but as I said he is a down on his luck, deadbeat dad [with incredible buffed up arms].

When a former girlfriend/baby mama dies, Charlie finds himself suddenly saddled with his 10-year old son, Max. I don’t mind telling you that I felt slightly mislead by the movie trailers. Real Steel is more about the little boy and his trying to establish a relationship with his long absent father. Real Steel is definitely not a chick flick [unless you count the 60 seconds that Hugh was shirtless.] I think it is more suitable for a father and son movie night or a PG-13 date option.

Sadly, although Real Steel was entertaining, it is a poor substitute for the real Hugh Jackman singing Broadway show tunes, live and in person.

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