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One-Day-movieI love romance, I am a romantic at heart. But I don’t believe love is perfect. It is tough and messy and when it comes to books and films I love messy and complicated. I love The Notebook (although not messy enough for me); Beyond Borders; The Thornbirds, Bridges of Madison County, Same Time Next Year, etc. There is something about love conquering all, even if it takes decades that gets me every single time.

One Day  has it in spades. The basic plot is a story takes place during a single day each year for two decades in the lives of Dex and Em, two people who met in college and cannot seem to get the other out of their lives or minds.

They dance around each other for years, circling close at times, very distant at others. There is the drama of the “almosts” the “not quites” and the “just nearlies” that keeps me interested. It is bittersweet filled with romance and regret and frustrating moments when you want to bang their heads together, but that is real love.

The Book vs The Movie

I read the book in 10 hours on two 5-hour flight to and from Boston. I drank it in voraciously and I knew I would not miss the movie. While I enjoyed Love and Other Drugs, I had not really seen a movie that could go toe-to-toe with The Notebook and I wanted this one to try. Unfortunately, I can’t say I love it. This might be another book that should stay a book.

I think the problem is that the book has a lot of detail that was not covered in the book and a lot was left out at every jump (July 15th to July 15th from year to year). Amazingly, with all the jumps the film felt slow and a bit boring. You don’t become emotionally invested in the characters and so you can’t feel what they feel.

Anne Hathaway did a brilliant job but I felt the rest of the cast wasn’t strong enough to support her. When I try to visualize who I would re-cast I can’t stop seeing Jude Law as Dexter. And Kevin James as Ian.

This was a first novel for David Nicholls (Starter for 10), he has written a lot for television and might have needed some guidance for converting his book into a screenplay.

My suggestion is to read One Day  and rent the movie when it comes out on DVD, streaming or blu-ray!

To encourage you to the read the book(it really is good!) Clara and I are going to give a copy  of  One Day  away, you can read and decide for yourself! To enter, just leave a comment telling us (Clara and I) your favorite love story and why. You have until September 9,2011 at midnight PST to leave your comment. We will use Random.org to select a winner. [Contest Closed]

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