Between Notes: A Classic Love Story With A Not So Classic Ending

One of the reasons I started a blog about chick flicks is because I love romantic movies. Sad love stories, funny love stories, it doesn’t matter as long as the stories are good and real. There is something incredibly wonderful about the basic human story of boy meets girl that I enjoy. Will they fall in love? Will they stay together or break up? Will they live happily ever after?  It’s the possibilities that make me want to watch the movie. The important thing for me is a good story with real characters, people who make me want to know them and care about them.

Chris Grissom and Matt Brown, two young filmmakers from Dallas, TX made a love story like that. Between Notes is the story of  David and Annie, two musicians who meet in the park and start a friendship and start to  fall in love with each other. With the addition of some lovely songs from Austin musician, David Ramirez, Between Notes is a not really a musical, but music definitely plays a part in the story.

On my way to see Potiche at the Angelika Film Center for the Dallas International Film Festival, I met a couple of guys who invited me to see the movie they made. The movie was Between Notes. I am glad they convinced me to stay late for the premiere of their movie. It was one of my favorite films of the entire festival.

Made in and around Dallas in two weeks, with a budget of $10,000, Between Notes ” is a classic love story with a not so classic ending.  It  makes  people ask questions, and it features some of the best music you will  find in any  film.”  Like Once and (500) Days of Summer, Between Notes is a love story from the guy’s point of view, where music plays an important part in the story. And like those movies, you will want to buy the Between Notes soundtrack. David Ramirez wrote and sang many of the songs, with Summer Ames as the voice of Annie.

A Love Story Set to Music

David Ramirez plays David, an aspiring singer who gave up his own dreams of pursuing a musical career for his girlfriend.  He leaves his music behind, takes a job in corporate America to please her, but she pursues her dreams and leaves him broken-hearted in Dallas to further her career in New York City.

Brandi Price plays Annie, a girl with a similar story. Recently, back in Dallas after living for a while in Chicago, Annie too has had a bad experience with love. The two recently wounded people meet one day in a local park  and soon a friendship starts. But Annie wants to keep the friendship casual, so they leave notes in on the park bench for each other. The park becomes their special place. Things get complicated when she unknowingly moves into the lofts as David.  Shelby Cook is delightful as David’s roommate, Will and Britney Joyner plays Jen, Annie’s roommate.

As a Dallas resident, it was cool to recognize some of the locations in the Dallas neighborhood of Deep Ellum, where they lived and sang their beautiful songs. It made the movie feel familiar and real to me. As though I might run into the movie’s characters at Starbucks or West Village. However, I have no idea in which park the stone bench is located.

Will they fall in love? Will they stay together or break up? Will they live happily ever after?

Between Notes Teaser Trailer from BFM Creative on Vimeo.

Those are the questions you will ask in this movie. Love, finding ‘the one‘, someone to love is something we all long for.  But what if this is the right person comes along at the wrong time? The questions and the answers are what make the love story interesting and they are found between notes.

Between Notes has not been released in theaters yet. For more information about the movie, visit the Between Notes Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter.


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