My Favorite Action Chick Flicks

My fellow Filmgirl Force blogger  Katrina Hill, the Action Flick Chick loves a good action movie. Even though I love Chick Flicks, I also enjoy action movies from time to time. There are some movies that blur the line between Chick Flick and Action Flick.

In most action movies, the male action hero spends most of his time rescuing the woman. She is always screaming or running in tight skirts and 3 inch heels. But there are women like Lara Croft, Ripley, Sarah Conner and Sui Lin who can take care of themselves and a few bad guys too. So, the question is: Are they Action Chick Flicks?  OR  Are they Action Flicks with chicks? Confused yet?

The Action Flick Chicks

You have got to love actresses like Sigourney Weaver in Avatar and the Aliens movies; Angelina Jolie in Wanted, Mr. & Mrs. Smith and the Lara Croft movies, Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu in Kill Bill because they always seem to look fabulous while strapping on deadly weapons. Back in the day, Pam Grier was one of the original Action Flicks Chick in movies Coffy, Foxy Brown and Sheba, Baby and more recently in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown.

In the next few weeks we will take a look at a some of my favorite Action Chicks and their movies. Action movies where the hero (or should I say heroine)  is a woman who takes care of business and knows how to handle herself in a fight.

These are my favorite Action Chick Flicks. What are your favorite Action Chick Flicks?


Who can deny that the first time you saw Alien you weren’t scared out of your seat. Come on. When that alien baby popped out of that guy’s chest. Yikes! The man sitting in front of me screamed like a little girl. But is it a chick flick? Sigourney Weaver gave new meaning to the term ‘action hero’. She was tough. And when she strapped on the weapons,  The Alien didn’t have a chance. BTW, The Alien was a female too, so I guess that makes it a girl fight.


Nicole Kidman goes down under to handle her late husband’s estate and meets The Drover, played by Hugh Jackman. The beauty of The Outback, Kidman on a cattle drive and a certain campfire bath, make Australia a true Action Chick Flick. Of course, in my redefinition of the term Chick Flick, I think we should include any movie where Hugh Jackman takes off his shirt. Which means all the X-Men movies are Chick Flicks too.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi star in this martial arts movie with Yun-Fat Chow.  After watching this movie, you will see that it is essentially a love story. The fight scenes choreographed by Wo Ping Yuen are almost like dancing. Also on the list is another martial arts movie:

House of Flying Daggers

Zhang Ziyi stars with the handsome Takeshi Kaneshiro and Andy Lau in this martial art love triangle. She is so skilled, even the sleeves of her gown are deadly.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

I think Angelina Jolie was born to play Lady Lara Croft, the adventure seeking heiress from the video game in the Tomb Raider movies.  I may actually have to devote several posts to Angie, because Angelina is the perfect action flick chick. She manages to look cool and sexy while blasting a Uzzi and tossing a hand grenade.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt star in Mr. & Mrs. Smith as a pair of contract killers who have been hired to kill each other. That can definitely cause problems in a marriage. You really  learn a lot about your spouse when you are on the run from international assassins for hire.

Romancing the Stone

Robert Zemeckis directs Kathleen Turner in this romantic-comedy/ action chick flick about (believe it or not) a romance novelist who find adventure with Michael Douglas in the middle the Columbia jungle while trying to rescue her kidnapped sister.

Terminator II

In the first Terminator movie, Sarah Conner (Linda Hamilton) is a frightened victim, but in Terminator II, she is a lean, mean killing machine. Even Arnold takes orders from her.

Thelma & Louise

Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon take off on a cross county trip after shooting a rapist. Ridley Scott directs this wild ride and a very young Brad Pitt shows up for a little fun along the way.

True Grit

I was very impressed by Hailee Steinfeld’s performance in True Grit. So was the Academy, because she received an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Mattie Ross in the Coen Brothers western.

What are your favorite Action Chick Flicks?

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