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The Most Romantic Love Scenes Ever!

I love a really good love story. But, Hollywood likes to interchange the term love scene and sex scene. What I'm talking about is the scene when you know the characters are in love. You can see it in their eyes. It jumps off the screen. Maybe it's a passionate kiss like in The Notebook or Last of the Mohicans. Maybe it's a certain look or even love at first sight. Either … [Read more...]

New Chick Flicks & DVD Releases: February 2011

It is Oscar month and I think the studios would rather you go see the nominated movies. Maybe that's why they don't release any  really good movies in January or February. Sometimes there are a few surprises. Take a look at the February movie releases. Do you see anything that looks good to you? Released February 4, 2011 Waiting For Forever James Keach directs this … [Read more...]