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Just Chick Flicks Reviews True Grit

I am waaay behind on my chick flick viewing this month. I was finally able to get out to the movie theater this week.  I intended to see Black Swan or The Tourist or even Tangled. My favorite movie theater is located in one of the biggest and busiest shopping malls in town. So for the past two weeks, the North Park was so crowded with Christmas shoppers,  it was almost … [Read more...]

Holiday Movie Classic: It’s A Wonderful Life

It's A Wonderful Life comes on TV every year at this time. Some stations even play it around the clock. It is a holiday classic, but I like It's A Wonderful Life for the lessons it teaches us. Like most Frank Capra films, the story is about the strength and courage of ordinary people. In fact, the rich and power are usually the bad guys in his films. In 1946 Frank Capra … [Read more...]

What a Chick Flick Girl Wants

At last! I have completed my very 1st e-book. Last month, the Problogger forum issued a challenge to create a Top 10 Gift List and the Third Tribe issued another challenge to create an e-book. I combined the two ideas and created an e-book about some of your favorite chick flick characters. The Chick Flick Girl's Favorite Things contains  a few shopping tips if you have to buy … [Read more...]

Award Season Starts With The 2011 Golden Globe Nominations

This marks the official beginning of Award Season! Soon this movie or that will considered an "Oscar Hopeful" and every actor and actress will start shopping for their award show outfits. The 68th Annual Golden Globes Awards were announced today, with The King's Speech, The Social Network and The Fighter getting multiple nominations. It is good to see nominations for my … [Read more...]

New Chick Flicks & More in December 2010

December is a really good month for movies. Children are out of school for the holidays and December 26th is the last day movies can be released and be eligible for Academy Award nominations. Which means not only family movies and serious dramas, but something for everyone. Let's take a look: Dramatic Chick Flicks Black Swan Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and the Frenchman from … [Read more...]

Just Chick Flick Previews Depp and Jolie in The Tourist

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie star as strangers who meet on a train, but they soon enter a world of suspense and danger in  The Tourist.  During a trip to Europe to mend a broken heart, Frank (Depp) unexpectedly finds himself in a flirtatious encounter with Elise (Jolie), an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path. Against the breathtaking backdrop of Paris and … [Read more...]