The Making of the Perfect Chick Flick

This had been a horribly hot summer, at least it was in Texas. Hot, dusty and full of pollen. My blog posts and all forms of creative writing have suffered under a Zyrtec-induced slump, which kept me confined to indoor spots.  This week, the weather took a dramatic turn and we are under a tornado watch. Texas weather, we do everything BIG.

During my lock-down, I took advantage of my Netflix membership and watched several movies, mini-series and read a couple of good books, including The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency and Pillars of the Earth. All of which I will share with you in the coming weeks.

I am currently involved in a cool project with other movie bloggers at Anomalous Material. The Hollywood Fantasy Movie Draft  is kind of like fantasy football, but with movies. Each of us picked 7 actors and a director for our fantasy movie. I am making the perfect chick flick. A romantic dramedy starring…. you know me so well…yes, Hugh Jackman. You can see the rest of my cast here.

I will be working on my movie pitch this weekend. I would love to know who would star in your perfect chick flick.

Stay tuned for the completed movie pitch on September 14th at Anomalous Material.

About Clara Mathews

Clarabela (Clara Mathews) is freelance web content copywriter, professional blogger and Hugh Jackman fan. In addition to writing about her love of movies at, Clarabela is also a regular contributor to DignityZine.  Follow Just Chick Flicks on Facebook.


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