The Cast in My Perfect Chick Flick

Meet The Cast of An UnExpected Song

This is the cast of my fantasy chick flick, An Unexpected Song, directed by J. J. Abrams. I took part in Anomalous Material Fantasy Movie Draft . My goal for this movie was to create a romantic movie, a chick flick that both women and men would enjoy. I picked some of my favorite actors and actresses for my project.

I am sick and tired of what passes for chick flicks these days. Jennifer Aniston, Kathrine Heigl and Gerard Butler are single-handedly ruining the genre with the crappy movies they have released recently. Come on, Hollywood! What’s so hard about making an entertaining movie with intelligent characters and a little romance? Here is my pitch for a my fantasy Hollywood movie: An UnExpected Song.

Sophie Okenedo and Willow Smith star as Allegra Lorraine St. James,  the bi-racial daughter of Miriam Richards. Like her father, Duncan St. James, Allegra is musically gift. She has a beautiful singing voice an plays guitar, cello and piano. She is extremely intelligent and has her mother strong-willed nature. Allegra is ambitious and has plans to be a Broadway star with or without the help of her parents.

Being raised  in New York City until age 12 and later in London, Allegra struggles with  conflicting views about of  her racial and cultural heritage and where she belongs in the world, as a Black woman, an American, a Brit or as an artist.

Viola Davis stars as Miriam  Richards,  an investigative journalist for a well-respected magazine, similar to Time. She is one of the first African-American reporters to work at the magazine and she works hard to be the best. Still single, in her late-30’s,  Miriam has had a few serious relationships, but with her  fear of abandonment and independent spirit she doesn’t see marriage in her future. All of her energy is spent on her work.

Of course, the luscious Hugh Jackman will star in my movie. He will portray Duncan Scott St. James the gifted classical pianist. Can’t you see Hugh and his long, flowing locks playing a grand piano. yeah, baby!

Born in a rural area of Australia as Jamie Scott. Jamie was the only child of older parents. His mother, a former school teacher who loved music, home schooled young Jamie when he wasn’t helping his father on the farm. Their home was filled with love and music from his mother’s piano or the record player, playing American blues, jazz and Broadway show tunes.  Feeling isolated, from kids his own age, a 15-year-old Davie begs his parents to drive him to town for a dance. On the way home, there is a car accident, which kills both his parents. He blames himself for their death.

The sullen and petulant, teenage Davie is sent to live with his wealthy uncle, Charles in England, where they call him by his given name, Duncan Scott St. James. Uncle Charles sends Duncan away to boarding school, where he excels at sports and music, but is also tormented and bullied by the posh boys for his Aussie accent and his humble beginnings. Duncan eventually loses his accent and never talks about his family.

Emily Blunt has a supporting role as Chloe Winston, Duncan’s on-again, off-again girl friend.  Chloe is a wealthy British aristocrat and supporter of the arts, who wants to help Duncan further his career and eventually become the symphony’s conductor. She enjoys the attention and power she has garners as a patron of the arts.

As the head of the London Classical Music Society, she also likes being accompanied to charity and other posh events by the handsome pianist. Bu she does not approve of Duncan’s interest in Jazz or other popular music, which she considers crass and common.

Danny Glover is the perfect actor to play, Jeremiah  (Jerry) Richards,  Miriam’s father. He lives with her in her NY town home. Jerry’s wife dies when Miriam was 10 years old and he raised her as a single father. Born in Chicago, the son of a factory worker and a housemaid, Jerry was the first person in his family to attend college. He is now a Law Professor at Columbia University in New York City. He is very involved in local politics and the Civil Rights movements. His strong views about racial pride were drilled into his daughter Miriam from a very early age.

Jennifer Hudson rounds out my cast, starring as Miriam’s best friend, Patricia (Patty) Belvins. Patty owns a small cafe left to her when her grandmother died. She worked hard and turned the shabby luncheonette into one of New York’s most popular Soul Food cafes. She is smart, witty, and has wisdom beyond her 25 years.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the plot of An UnExpected Song.

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