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Mad Men Mondays: The Beautiful Girls

The ladies of Mad Men have problems of their own. In episode 409: The Beautiful Girls, we see  the women who inhabit Don's world and keep Sterling Cooper Draper Price running , Joan, Peggy, Faye and even Sally Draper, all are entering new phases in their lives that  are new and unknown. As is often the case, new and unknown can be a bit scary. Dr. Faye Don and Faye started a … [Read more...]

An UnExpected Song-part 2

Welcome back for the exciting, romantic conclusion to my fantasy chick flick, An Unexpected Song, starring Hugh Jackman, Viola Davis, Sophie Okenedo and Emily Blunt. Directed by J.J. Abrams. Act 2: Summers By The Sea Over the next 10 years, Miriam raises Allegra alone. No longer able to travel and work long hours as a reporter, Frank Kennedy helps her publish her gothic … [Read more...]

An UnExpected Song: My Perfect Chick Flick

An Unexpected Song You never know where love will find you Directed by J.J. Abrams Music: Stephen Sondheim Title Song: Andrew Lloyd Webber I chose J. J. Abrams to direct my movie because he thinks outside the box on stories that we think we have seen before. Just look at the way he completely turned  the  Star Trek franchise into something exciting and fresh. J. J. … [Read more...]

The Cast in My Perfect Chick Flick

Meet The Cast of An UnExpected Song This is the cast of my fantasy chick flick, An Unexpected Song, directed by J. J. Abrams. I took part in Anomalous Material Fantasy Movie Draft . My goal for this movie was to create a romantic movie, a chick flick that both women and men would enjoy. I picked some of my favorite actors and actresses for my project. I am sick and tired of … [Read more...]

Mad Men Mondays: Hands and Knees

The title of this week's episode of Mad Men is Hand and Knees, which has the connotation of begging or asking for helping. Joan, Roger and  Don have gotten themselves in trouble and need help from unexpected  sources. Joan Is In The Family Way Joan finds out she’s pregnant. That would be joyous news, but considering her husband Dr. Greg has been in basic training for a few … [Read more...]

Mad Men Mondays: The Summer Man

For most of Season 4, Don Draper has been on a downward spiral, drinking and breaking his own personal boundaries. In this episode, The Summer Man, we  see Don is trying to  control his drinking and turn his life around. As soon as you have to cut down on your drinking;  you have a drinking problem Don Draper Realizing that his drinking has become a problem and that his life … [Read more...]