Mad Men Mondays: Christmas Comes But Once A Year

My friend, @tasteaddion has been bugging me for the past two weeks to write my Mad Men recap. She is a new convert to the growing number of Mad Men Addicts and schedules her Sunday evenings in order to get her weekly fix of Don Draper. So here you go.  A new feature on Just Chick Flicks:

Mad Men Mondays

Don Draper

Don Draper is on what seems to be a downward spiral since  his divorce. I think it has less to do with losing Betty, and more with the loss of the perfect family life he had built for himself and the loss his children. His daughter, Sally mails him a ‘Dear Santa’ letter which only makes him more aware that he will not spend the holidays with his children. On more than one occasion, Don comes home to his dark, drab apartment drunk.  One night, he meets the young attractive neighbor who helps him into his bedroom. In his drunken attempt to seduce her, he says “you’re good at this“. She tells him her father was a drunk.

As bad as Don is (and we know what a bad boy he can be), he has never been involved with anyone at work. Tonight, however he breaks that rule. After leaving the office Christmas party, Don arrives to his apartment (yes, he was drunk again) and realizes he left his keys at the office. Loyal secretary Allison runs right over with the keys, gives him a few aspirin and gets more than she expected from the boss. The next day he coldly thanks her from bringing him his keys and gives her $100 for a Christmas bonus.

Christmas Visitors: The Good, The Bad and The Creepy

Tonight’s episode brings back three characters from previous seasons. Freddy Rumsen, the ad exec with a drinking problem who was let go after he wet himself in a meeting; Lee Garner Jr., the Lucky Strikes cigarettes VP, a spoiled rich boy with too much money and a big secret; and Glenn Bishop, the 12-year old neighbor kid and a psycho killer in the making.

Sally Draper & Glenn Bishop

A disturbing relationship is developing between Sally Draper and the creepy neighbor boy, Glenn. You might remember Glenn as the kid who asked Betty for a lock of her hair. Now  Glenn has transferred his obsession from mother to daughter.  To show how much he cares for Sally, Glenn and another boy break in and vandalize  all the rooms in the Francis house, except Sally’s. Glenn is a psycho kid who needs to see a shrink or a parole offer. My advice for Sally Draper comes from the Fun With Dick and Jane readers from the 1960s- “Run Sally, Run. Run, Run Sally!

A Welcome and an Unwelcome Visitor

Our old friend, Freddy Rumsen is back. He is sober and offers Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price (SCDP)  the Ponds Cold Creme account if they rehire him; on the condition that he doesn’t have work with Pete Campbell. They agree and he and Peggy try to come up with ideas, but Freddy’s old-fashion notions about women are not working for Peggy.

Lane has been warning the execs as SCDP to find new clients. Having Lucky Strikes as more than 70% of their business was not a good thing. Roger Sterling finds that out in a most embarrassing way. Due to Lane Pryce’s budget cuts and thrift, the office Christmas party was going to be a crackers and Velveeta affair. But when Roger invites  Lee Garner Jr., the Lucky Strikes VP, to   the Christmas party thing change. Lance is forces to acquiesce to Roger’s wishes and  change the party “from convalescent home to Roman orgy“.

Joan takes over the party plans and the party is a success, complete with the orange passing game and Joan wearing a red dress, leading a conga line. That was not enough for Lee Jr. he wanted a Santa Claus. He cajoles Roger into putting on the Santa suit. Garner, then  humiliates  Roger by making him pose with male employees sitting on his knee while he take photos with the Polaroid camera they gave him as a Christmas gift. First Lee Jr. makes them fires Sal Romano because he wouldn’t sleep with him. Now he makes Roger wear a Santa suit. This will be a powerful incentive for Roger to pursue new clients or else he may have to be the Easter Bunny.

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