Lingerie & Chick Flicks: A Match Made in Heaven

Treacle is a 25-year-old knickers junkie who started blogging because her friends threatened to tape her mouth shut if she didn’t stop talking about her underwear.  She welcomes lingerie lovers of every nation and persuasion to her blog, The Lingerie Addict.

Lingerie and cinema have always had a special relationship. Remember Elizabeth Taylor and her gorgeous slip in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? What about Anne Bancroft and her Vanity Fair leopard print lingerie in The Graduate? Or, to go even further back, how about Vivian Leigh’s legendary 18 inch corsetted waist in Gone with the Wind? Cinema is all about fantasy, illusion, and an escape from reality and, at its heart, so is lingerie. And so here are The Lingerie Addict’s top 3 picks for films featuring lingerie in the past decade.

Moulin Rouge

If ever there was a movie about the spectacle, grandeur, and glamour of days gone by, Moulin Rouge is it. Though the plot is a tear-jerker, the costumes are spirit-lifters. It’s a nonstop festival of corsets, stockings, sequins, and feathers.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

Set just before the onset of World War II, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day may seem like an odd choice for a chick flick, but with a plot that’s all about the bond between women, even across generations, I believe it qualifies. The best part of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day is the lingerie runway show scene which features some of the most gorgeous examples of era-appropriate lingerie I’ve ever seen.


The only film on this list I haven’t seen, it’s here because of all its lingerie-related promo shots. From bodysuits to bras to bustiers, Nine appears to have it all. I just added this musical chick flick to my Netflix queue, and I can’t wait to see all the stuff they couldn’t show in the previews!

Do you have a favorite lingerie chick flick? I’d love to hear about it!
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