She Works Hard For the Money

It has been three weeks since I have joined the ranks of the unemployed. You would think with all this free time, I would spend my days at the movie theater and my nights writing brilliant blog posts. Call me lazy crazy, but finding a way to earn a living by writing and blogging while in my pajamas has always been a dream of mine. However, like Johnny Depp in Secret Window (except for the crazy, murder part) I have experienced  a little bit of writer’s  block. Not completely blocked as much as I have been concentrating on trivial things, like paying bills and  buying groceries.

My lack of employment and  in celebration of Administrative Professionals Week, let’s check out these movies about Women At Work.

Working Girl


Big 80’s hair, shoulder pads and Harrison Ford in his prime. Working Girl starred Melanie Griffith as Tess McGill, the hard-working Administrative Assistant ( but we called them secretaries then). Sigourney Weaver plays Katherine Parker her boss. You know the type. They steal your ideas, make you look bad at staff meeting and promise you an ever elusive promotion, raise (__) fill in the blank. Fortune smiles on our heroine and her credit grabbing boss breaks her leg on a ski trip. While Katherine is at home recuperating, Tess grabs the opportunity to present her idea to Jack Trainer (Harrison Ford).

The other plot of Working Girl is the age-old battle of every career woman. The choice between marriage and family and having a career. Tess is engaged to Mick Dugan (played by a very young and thin Alec Baldwin). Why would she want to get spend her time working and having a career when she could stay home and do his laundry? Good Question.

Nine to Five

Have you ever fantasized about getting revenge on your boss? Maybe by putting rat poison instead of  Sweet & Low in their coffee. Or perhaps you would rope him like a steer in the rodeo? Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Lillie Tomlin are three office workers who finally get their revenge on the boss from hell, Dabney Coleman in Nine to Five. In the days before sexual harassment lawsuits, an executive like Frank Hart (Coleman) could feel free to make sexually suggestive comments and chase his buxom secretary Doralee Rhodes (Dolly Parton) around his day without fear of retribution or litigation. Like Sigourney’s idea stealing character, Frank Hart is promoted into his position based on the hard work of Violet Newstead (Lillie Tomlin).

Through a  hilarious mix of circumstances, the three ladies kidnap their arrogant boss, lock him up in his own house while his wife is on vacation and run the company in his absence. I don’t need to say that the company ran much better without him, because we already know how much more work we get done when the boss is out of the office.

His Girl Friday

Made in 1940, His Girl Friday was based on Ben Hecht’s play The Front Page. Howard Hawks directs Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell in the fast talking classic working girl chick flick. Cary and Rosalind play journalists Walter Burns and Hildy Johnson. Hildy is the best newspaper woman since Nellie Bly. So when she wants to quit the paper and move to Albany to get married, Walter will stop at nothing, including blowing up the train to stop her from leaving. With the big Earl Williams story just about to explode on the front page, how can Hildy resist.

Never seen His Girl Friday? See the full movie in the sidebar.

Working Girl Chick Flicks

Desk Set [1957] Kathryn Hepburn and Spencer Tracy

The Devil Wears Prada [2006] Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway

Clockwatchers [1997]  Toni Collette and Parker Posey

What is your favorite Working Girls Chick Flick?

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