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Just Chick Flicks Previews Letters To God

If you are looking for a nice family-friendly movie, Letters to God might be just the ticket. Inspired by a true story, Letters to God is an intimate, moving and often funny story about the galvanizing effect one child’s belief can have on his family, friends and community. A heartfelt tale of inspiration, hope and redemption, Letters to God is the story of what happens when … [Read more...]

The Academy Awards: Winners and More

The Oscar Show Well,  do I know my movies or what? I got almost all of my Oscar predictions right. But of course, I only included the major categories and let's be honest. Jeff Bridges, Sandra , Mo'Nique and Katheryn Bigelow were pretty much a sure thing. Just a quick word about the Oscar show...Hugh. OK...I am a Hugh Jackman fan. But I wasn't impressed or entertained by … [Read more...]

30 Chick Flicks in 30 Days: The Sequel

A man watching chick flicks? Yes, if that man is Nick Waters. Last month I interview Nick, a guy  from a small town in Oklahoma who planned to watch 30 Chick Flicks in 30 Days. Since then, Nick has not only learned something new about relationships, love and women, but he has become famous. In the past 30 days, not only has he watched 30 Chick Flicks, but he has also been … [Read more...]

My Picks for the Academy Awards

The big show is just a few hours away and I am getting ready for my friend Elle's annual Oscar Soiree. She has the best Oscar party ever. Lots of good food and drinks and we love to have our very own red carpet fashion critique. But more on that tomorrow. Here are my personal picks for this year's Academy Awards Best Picture The Hurt Locker Big Surprise Winner: … [Read more...]

Just Chick Flicks’ Oscar Countdown: The Ones I Didn’t See

Ideally, I would like to say that I saw every movie that was nominated in this year's Best Picture Oscar race, but I cannot tell a lie. There are some I just didn't see. Let's be honest, this blog is called Just Chick Flicks. I have my hands full trying to see movie that fit into that genre. OK...then how come you didn't see An Education? Well... see...what happened. … [Read more...]

Just Chick Flicks’ Oscar Countdown: District 9

Being a fan of Chick Flicks, perhaps you missed this nominee for Best Picture. District 9 was released in the summer of 2009. A time of year when many sci-fi and action movies are released. But District 9 is not your typical science fiction movie. Director Neill Blomkamp filmed this movie in a style that resembles a documentary. It became a big hit, even with the competition of … [Read more...]