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Just Chick Flicks’ Oscar Countdown: The Blind Side

Well, I finally saw The Blind Side. It has been a busy movie season and every time I went to the theater to see this movie, it was sold out. But as I said before, there is nothing more popular in the South than high school football. In fact, until I saw the movie, I thought Sandra Bullock's character in the movie was a Texan. It might have been the frosted blond hair that … [Read more...]

Just Chick Flicks Looks At The Oscars: Best Supporting Actress

...And the nominees are... Penélope Cruz in “Nine” Chicago is  one of my favorite movie musicals, so I was very excited that Rob Marshall was making another movie musical. "Nine" had an all-star cast, but didn't have the spark and audience appeal of Chicago. Marshall has managed to hand-pick some of the world's best actresses to star in his movie. But only Penelope Cruz … [Read more...]

Just Chick Flicks Looks at The Oscars: Best Actress

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role Each year the members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Science nominate five women for their outstanding acting. Which can sometimes be difficult because quality roles for women are often scarce in Hollywood. This year five actresses have been nominated for their roles as the bored wife of a diplomat who learns to cook … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day: The Movie

Dinner & A Movie: the Perfect Date What a great marketing idea!  This is made those  for guys who have no idea what movie to see on Valentine's Day.  No...fellas, not The Wolfman. Director Garry Marshall's new movie released just in time for (yes) Valentine's Day features an all-star cast. Julia Roberts,  Anne Hathaway , Jessica Alba,  Jessica Biel,  Bradley Cooper, … [Read more...]

Just Chick Flicks Reviews: Precious

It has taken me quite a while to write the review of Precious. Not because I didn't like the movie or had a case of writer's block, but because Precious was such a powerful movie, that I had to step away from it for a while and look back on the movie from a distance. I had heard about Precious when it won at the Sundance Film Festival  in 2009. Then one day, as I was browsing … [Read more...]