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My 15 Minutes of Fame Begins….Now

...And It's Over So Soon I recently got a nice little ego boost, along with about 13 1/2 minutes of fame when Eric Felton, a writer for the Wall Street Journal quoted from my Golden Globes post in his article about the state of Chick Flicks in Hollywood.  The article entitled: Movies From Mars, From Venus and From Pandora/Chick flicks, guy films and those that cross the … [Read more...]

I See You: Just Chick Flicks Sees Avatar

Update Avatar is nominated for  nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director for James Cameron. Other nominations: Art direction, Cinematography, Directing, Film editing, Original score, Best picture, Sound editing, Sound mixing and Visual effects. It has surpassed James Cameron's other mega-blockbuster, Titanic at the box office. But will it win on Oscar … [Read more...]

The Golden Globes: A Night of Surprises

Last night along with millions of other people, I watched the Golden Globes award show. My main focus was to see what the movie stars were wearing and to see if my favorite movies and TV show would win an award. Well, isn't that why everyone watches a 3 hour TV show? You want to see a movie star look gorgeous. And if they don't look absolutely stunning, then you berate,  make … [Read more...]

How Far Would You Go To Understand The Opposite Sex?

That is the question that one man asked himself. Recently, I spoke with Nick Walters, a Oklahoma native that is taking on a very unique project. In order to understand his wife and other female family members better, Nick will watch 30 chick flicks in 30 days. The  idea is to watch 30-straight days; 30-straight chick flicks. It will begin Friday, January  15, 2010  and end  on … [Read more...]

Award Season Approaches: The Golden Globes

A Good Year For Chick Flicks The Golden Globe Awards will be broadcasted on Bravo this week. This is supposed to be the precursor to the Oscars, but without all the glitz. Even though it is a much more relaxed ceremony, it is star-studded and  it is still interesting to watch. There are several movies on the list that I am ashamed to say that I haven't seen. fortunately, most … [Read more...]