Why Are Women So Fascinated By Vampires?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

This week the theaters will be packed with young (and some not so young) women anxiously awaiting the opening of  The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Author Stephenie Meyer’s series of books (TwilightEclipse, New Moon)  about teenage vampires in love caused a stir in Young Adult fiction and is just one of the many vampire themed movies and TV shows thrilling women everywhere. New Moon stars  Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewert are everywhere…everyone’s talk show and every magazine cover.

The vampires I remember were pasty-faced old men who slept in coffins and wore capes. RememberBuffy the Vampire Slayer and Van Helsing? They actually hunted and killed vampires, but now  we have an emergence of romantic, sexy  neck biters. Vampires who are no longer confined to the darkness, much less sleeping in a coffin filled with soil from Transylvania. All the old vampire rules are broken.  What’s that about?

Gen-Y  Vampires


Ian Somerhalder, star of Vampire Diaries

……..     When did vampires become the tragic romantic hero?  How did they become these undead hotties that are taking over Hollywood? We can probably blame Anne Rice and her book Interview with the Vampire.   I don’t get it. Aren’t vampires supposed to be scary, blood-sucking creatures of the night? Besides the Twilight movies, there are also at least three vampire themed TV shows, like Vampire DiariesTrue Blood and Being Human on BBC.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am very easily frightened and gladly leave the horror movies to my  blogging buddies. So I asked them: What’s the big deal with vampires and are you going to see New Moon?

Andi Fisher-Misadventures With Andi

I am not a huge fan of vampires; I resisted reading Twilight for a long time because of that fact. But once I did bite the bullet, I was head-over-heels in love with the story. I think it is the romance that appeals to women, particularly older women. We are far enough away from our first love to remember it fondly; as we age we tend to forget or skip over the awkwardness of the time, and just remember the good parts.

And all women universally search for their soul mates, whether they believe there is only one or several. As a person who believes you have multiple soul mates, I am fascinated with how Stephanie Meyer plays with the Jacob character. It begins in New Moon, but actually comes to a head in Eclipse which is actually my favorite of all the books. Love, drama, a love-triangle, angst, life-ending risk – these are not present in day-to-day life (for the most part) and so we soak them up vicariously through the books.

I don’t watch other vampire series or read other books, but I have seen quite a few of the movies, being a movie nut. One thing I can say about what usually appeals about a vampire is that they are nearly always romantic. Particularly when they are “old-school” vampires from Eastern Europe, their manners are impeccable, they are chivalrous and entrancing. What’s not to love…until the bite?!

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Katrina Hill-Action Flick Chick

“I’m tired of seeing male vampires rescuing helpless females. I want to see the role reversed and see an empowered female vampire kicking ass and helping poor defenseless guys…but not sleeping with them unless they are worthy.”

Read the Action Flick Chick’s review of New Moon (spoiler alert)
Twilight Paradies

Zen Bitch warns you that she is in  a sparkle-free vampire zone!

I’m an old school lover of vamps and the abominations that Stephanie Meyer has Jonas-ed into our popular culture are NOT vampires! Bloody hell, her Cullen vamps are basically pale superheroes on a restrictive diet!! The only consequence of being a vampire in her world is that they must be emo, whiny-er than Louis, supernatural creatures that hate themselves enough to enroll back into high school.

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What do you think of this vampire obsession? Are you a Twilight fan?

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