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On The Road to Stardom: An Interview with Actor Erik A. Williams

On The Road To Stardom The road to being a success in the acting business is long and hard. The old Hollywood fable of  movie stars being discovered on the streets and going on to fame and fortune is more of a fairy tale than reality. The fact is most actors work very hard for years before they "hit it BIG.Working in commercials, local theater, as extras on movie sets and … [Read more...]

Why Are Women So Fascinated By Vampires?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon This week the theaters will be packed with young (and some not so young) women anxiously awaiting the opening of  The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Author Stephenie Meyer's series of books (Twilight,  Eclipse, New Moon)  about teenage vampires in love caused a stir in Young Adult fiction and is just one of the many vampire themed movies and TV shows … [Read more...]

Classic Chick Flick: All About Eve

Released: 1950 Writer/Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz "Margo Channing is a star of the theater. She made her first stage appearance at the age of four in Midsummer Night's Dream. She played a fairy and entered, quite unexpectedly, stark naked. She has been a star ever since. Margo is a great star, a true star. She never was or will be anything less or anything else."--All … [Read more...]

Classic Chick Flicks: Sabrina

"Once upon a time, on the north shore of Long Island, some 30 miles from New York, there lived a small girl on a large estate. The estate was very large indeed and had many servants. There were gardeners to take care of the gardens, and a tree surgeon on a retainer. There was a boatman to take care of the boats: to put them in the water in the spring, and scrape their bottoms … [Read more...]

Chris Rock Has A Good Hair Day

You have been there...its humid and your hair is uncontrollable. You have straight  hair that won't stay curled or curly hair that won't stay straight. You are having  a BAD HAIR DAY. But you haven't experienced a 'bad hair day' until you have walked a mile in the shoes of a Black women. Hair is our joy and pain. We plan our lives around our hair. I have a friend who told … [Read more...]