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Julie & Jula: Mastering The Art of Great Chick Flicks

Amy Adams and Meryl Streep are together again after their Oscar nominated performances in Doubt. But even though they play the  title characters in Julie and Julia,  they don't have any scenes together. As a matter of fact, they are separated not only by an ocean, but by more than 30 years. Julie Julie & Julia is the story of one woman who is inspired  by another women to … [Read more...]

New Chick Flicks on DVD This Week: August 25th

Love on the Rocks After the release of the Time Traveler's Wife and Julie & Julia, there is a slight lull in release of chick flicks at the theaters. But here are a few  new DVDs   that deal with a variety of relationship problems. Let's watch Julia Roberts and Beyonce  show us how to handle 'love on the rocks'. Duplicity Clive  Owen and Julia Roberts star in the … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Should Watch Mad Men

OK, this is a site dedicated to Chick Flicks. But since I am trying to redefine the meaning of that term, I am going to talk about one of the best shows on TV, AMC's original series,  Mad Men.  Mad Men takes place in the 1960's. Before the Woman's Movement, Civil Rights or pantyhose. It is compelling to watch this reconstructed 1960's world through our 21st century … [Read more...]

A Story of Boy Meets Girl: 500 Days of Summer

Refreshing! That's the first word I thought of when I saw (500) Days of Summer. The movie stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel as unlikely lovers in this off beat and refreshing romantic comedy. This is a boy meets girl story. It is not a love story. (500) Days of Summer tells the story of Tom Hansen (Gordon-Levitt), a young greeting card artist and wanna-be … [Read more...]

The Ugly Truth About Dating: He’s Just Not That Into You

I was planning to go the movies to see the Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, in The Ugly Truth. The movie looked like the perfect, although formulaic chick flick. But before Saturday had even rolled around, I read not one, but six BAD reviews about The Ugly Truth. In fact, I couldn't find a blog, website, newspaper or person who had one good thing to say about his … [Read more...]