I Remember Michael

Michael Jackson via last.fm

I am taking a moment away from Chick Flicks, Summer movies and our typical  topics to bid farewell to three icons who have passed away this month. Micheal Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon. These people has been part of our lives and pop culture for as long as I can remember.

I Remember Micheal

I remember Micheal Jackson as the youngest member of the Jackson Five. When everyone was going crazy for the Osmond Brothers, The Beatles or other pop stars of the day, The Jackson Five gave young black kids in the 1970’s their own stars to love. When I saw them singing ABC-123 and I Want You Back  on  Soul Train, I jumped and screamed and danced around our living room with joy.

I remember the grown-up Michael who sang Off The Wall and Rock With You. The soft-spoken  young man who had so much talent. And I remember Thriller! Who didn’t have the Thriller album? (Remember albums?) It is one of those albums, like The Beatles White Album or U2’s Joshua Tree that defines an artist. The red leather jacket, white socks and a single jeweled glove. Was this creative young man really the same little boy?  As I grew older, so did Micheal,  and his talent was still there. But he was changing. Things got weirder and he appeared more in the tabloids. But I am not remembering that Micheal today. Today,  I remember the Michael in the purple hat, wearing a fringed leather vest, dancing with his brothers and singing I Want You Back on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Farewell To An Angel

Farrah Farchett was a Texan. And like most Texas women, she likes big hair. And when she appeared on Charlie’s Angels with that layered blond haircut, she started a trend. But it was more than just her hairstyle. I was her big smile and her personality that make her so popular.  Starring in a show like Charlie’s Angels wasn’t enough. She wasn’t satisfied to play the cute blond forever. She took on more challenging role and achieved critical acclaim for her performance in the Burning Bed.  Beautiful, blond and talented.

Heeerrrre’s Ed

Laurel and Hardy, Martin and Lewis,  and Carson and McMahon. I think you have to list Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon as one of the classic comedy teams. Ok…sure Johnny Carson was the comedian on the Tonight Show. But where would he have been without his straight-man, Ed McMahon. They were a perfect pair and I have stayed up late many nights to see them and laugh at the inside joke that they were kind enough to share with us. Good Night Mr. McMahon.

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