Chick Flicks in Outer Space: Star Trek

I have already admitted to being a fan of Star Trek. And like every other Star Trek fan,  I was curious to see what J.J. Abrams would do to reboot the Star Trek franchise. Well in a word he did GREAT!   Even if you never saw an episode of any of the many series or movies, you will enjoy this action packed movie based the 1960’s TV show. Like Batman and even the recent X-Men Origins: Wolverine movies, Star Trek is  a prequel, going back to the childhood of the main characters James T. Kirk and the Vulcan, Spock.

The movie starts out with the birth of James Tiberius Kirk while his father’s Federation ship is being attacked by a renegade Romulan played by Eric Bana. We also see a young Spock growing up on Vulcan and being bullied for being bi-racial (his mother is human). How these two come together and how the rest of the crew of the Starship Enterprise end up serving together involves time travel, warp drive, beaming and  other things only a real Trekkie could explain. But, believe me this is a really good movie! Star Trek stars Zachary Quinto (Sylar in Heroes) as Spock and Chris Pine as James T. Kirk. Zoe Saldano plays Lt Uhura and New Zealander Karl Urban plays the irascible Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy.

With a hit in Star Trek and Heroes in his pocket, I predict that Zachery Quinto is going to be a big star. One of the most controversial things in Star Trek for die-hard Trekkies/Trekkers is the more emotional and passionate Spock. One movie blogger calls it  the sexulization of  Spock. It is strange to see the usually cold and dispassionate Mr. Spock  sharing kisses with Lt. Uhura in the Turbo-lift. I always knew there was something between those two. But it  goes along with my childhood crush on Mr. Spock, so I am OK with it.

What did you think of the movie?  Are you a Star Trek Fan?

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