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Slumdog Millionaire Goes From From Rags to Pupees

Slumdog Millionaire Year after year,  I watch the Academy Awards ceremony. Often with disappointment because they seldom pick the movies I like for Best Picture. They never vote for popular, big blockbuster movies as Best Picture. Generally, they pick movies that I have never heard of or some obscure, 'nobody has ever heard of it' movie as the winner. I sometimes feel they … [Read more...]

Best Oscar Show Winner: Hugh Jackman

Its here! The day of days. The Oscars! I really look forward to the Academy Awards show. The stars....the movie...the production numbers (not so much).  Really the best part of The Oscars is my friend Elle's (not her real name, but she know who she is) marvelous Oscar Party Blow Out. It's basically its a Girl's Night with movie stars.  Like a Super Bowl Party, with wine and … [Read more...]

The Chick Flicks Girl Goes to the Oscars: Best Actress

What kind of Chick Flick Girl Am I? The kind that didn't know she was going to have a movie blog and didn't see all the movies, that's what kind.  Although, some of these movies didn't play here, so I guess I have somewhat of an excuse.  I promise I will be making a mad dash to the local cineplex to catch up on the nominated movies. Today we are looking at the nominees … [Read more...]

Is There Any DOUBT Who Will Win The Best Supporting Actress Award?

Let's Take A Look At The Nominees... We are less than 2 weeks away from the biggest movie event of the year, The Oscars. An if you are like me, you have seen some, but not all of the nominated movies.  Let’s start with the Nominees for Best Supporting Actress. Usually the supporting actress is a kind of a secondary role that barely gets noticed. But these ladies had … [Read more...]