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The Two Faces of Meryl

Meryl Streep is undoubtedly one of the greatest actresses of our day.  I say that being a huge Kathryn Hepburn fan.   Meryl has been nominated for numerous Oscars , Golden Globe and SAG Awards. This week she won the SAG Award for Best Actress for her amazing work in Doubt.  But that's not the most amazing thing about Meryl Streep. Like Kathryn the Great, Meryl has the … [Read more...]

And The Winner Is…Chick Flicks Gets Ready For The Oscars

It is award season for the movie business. Last week's Golden Globe Awards were just the first in a long and seemingly endless line of award shows that lead up to the big enchilada, The Academy Awards. But the real question is, why do we even care about the Golden Globes, The Directors Guild, The People's Choice, The SAG Awards and all the others?  Is it the Red Carpet, where … [Read more...]

Its Crying Time Again: Benjamin Button and Seven Pounds

Oh Will...Oh Brad, Why Do You Make Me Cry? Just like fashion and the weather, the movie business has seasons. Summer is "Blockbuster Season" with it come the release of action movies and BIG blockbuster films, just in time for the kiddies summer vacations. December is pre-award season, the time when Golden Globe and Academy Award voters make their nominations. That's why … [Read more...]