Whatever Happened to All the Rugged Men?

Baz Lehrmann's epic AUSTRALIA

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When it comes to male movie stars, I think you can generally break them down into two basic groups: The Pretty Boy or The Rugged, Manly Man.

The Pretty Boys tend to be the leading men in love stories, romantic movies and dramas. You know who they are…they are gorgeous. The Pretty Boy movie star is usually very well groomed and is likely to get just as many manicures, facials and plastic surgeries as his female counterpart.

Now the Rugged Type generally shows up in action movies with guns, fast cars and fist fights. They are the brooding, moody hunks with all the muscles and  a troubled past.

Sometimes a Pretty Boy can play rugged roles, like Brad Pitt in Troy. He was a muscled armour wearing warrior, but oh my was he ever pretty. Sorry Brad… you know I love you, but your are one of the Pretty Boys.

Call them what you will,  you know what I mean.  Old Hollywood however was full of  manly men who were both gorgeous and rugged.  Clark Gable, Gary Cooper and many others. But tell me, who who are the rugged male movie stars today? Don’t get me wrong, I like the pretty boys too. But is takes a manly man to sweep you off your feet!

That question was answered  after I saw the movie Australia, starring the oh sooooo rugged Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.  Jackman, who was recently chosen as People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive redefines rugged manliness as the character “The Drover” in his new movie directed by Baz Luhrmann.  I knew he was ‘the hotness” when I saw him as the Wolverine in X-Men.

For most of the movie, Hugh was the walking, talking, horse back riding definition of ruggedness.  Sporting what one of my friends likes to call “frontier stubble” and grubby outback clothes, he was the exact opposite of a Metro-sexual. He took my breath away.

At just under 3 hours, Australia is almost 2 movies in one. There is the storyline of the cattle drive and and then the movie shifts to another story that involves World War II. If that seems like too much for you, keep in mind that you will have just under 3 hours of watching Hugh in all his rugged glory.

Check out some of Hugh Jackson’s other films

What do you think? Who are you favorite rugged movie stars?

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