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5 Reasons Why James Bond Movies are Chick Flicks Too

The latest Bond film Quantum of Solace came out last week, much to the joy and elation of men worldwide. Since the 2006 release of Casino Royale, all of my male friends have been  anxiously awaiting  this action packed 007 adventure with the baited breath of new puppies. Quantum of Solace, the 22nd Bond film stars Daniel Craig, the blond Bond. That is another subject, so … [Read more...]

29 Best Chick Flick Tear Jerkers

Last night...late last night I was flipping through the 400 channels of nothing on cable TV when I spotted a familiar scene from an old movie. It was the last 10 minutes of one of my favorite tear-jerkers Imitation of Life, starring Lana Turner, Juanita Moore, Sandra Dee, Susan Kohner and John Gavin. I will not bore you with the details of the old-fashioned plot line. If … [Read more...]

Now Showing: Just Chick Flicks

This is the first post of my blog, so you should  know a few things about me. First of all,  I LOVE movies, especially old movies.  Movies starring great actresses like Kathryn Hepburn, Bette Davis, Barbara Streisand.  Romantic comedies with Meg Ryan or Sandra Bullock. You name it. I love movies, especially what is commonly known as the "Chick Flick". A Chick Flick can be … [Read more...]