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McKinney Classic Film Festival: 5 Courtroom Themed Movies

McKinney Classic Film Festival debuts in historic downtown with courtroom-themed lineup with Mary Badham,  who portrayed Scout in the 1962 film TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD to appear. Some of Hollywood's all-time favorite courtroom classics will be screened at the McKinney Performing Arts Center (MPAC) as part of its inaugural McKinney Classic Film Festival. Experience the glamour … [Read More...]



15 Great Chick Flicks Characters

The best thing about a really good  chick flick is the strong female character. Whether its the young girl looking for loving in a  romantic comedy or the poor sick girl in a … [Read More...]

Romantic Comedy


Chick Flicks Goes ‘Green’: Irish Movies

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Pierce Brosnan and the release of the new U2 CD, here is my list of my favorite Irish movies. The Matchmaker Janeane Garofalo stars as Marcy, … [Read More...]

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Magin in the Moonlight

Emma Stone and Colin Firth Make Magic in the Moonlight

Let me start by saying how much I LOVE Emma Stone! Ever since I saw her in Easy A and The Help I have enjoyed watching her on screen. Not only is she a talented actress, Emma Stone is smart, perky, funny, and cute.  It's like Steve Carrell says in Crazy, … [Read More...]

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Poldark Rides Again on PBS

Are you already missing the romantic adventures of Outlander's Claire and Jamie Frasier?  If the answer is yes, PBS and Masterpiece have a treat for you. Poldark, an all-new version of the vintage Masterpiece series Sundays, June 21 - August 2, 2015 at 9pm … [Read More...]

“Frozen” by Stefan Schubert, licensed under CC BY 2.0

4 Female Animation Movie Characters You Will Love

Heroines with a Difference Gone are the days when female characters in animated movies served purely decorative purposes and were little more than damsels in distress perpetually waiting to be rescued by Prince Charming. Today’s animated movies feature … [Read More...]


Mad Men Season 7: The Beginning of the End

For the past seven years, I have spent my Sunday evenings with a brilliant ad man, Don Draper. Now it is all coming to an end. The drinking, the smoking, the cheating and the witty one-liners from Roger Sterling... soon they will be gone. This is the final … [Read More...]

August Osage County 4

Dysfunctional Family Reunions

This is the time of year when families gather together for good food, beautifully wrapped gifts and to bask in the glow of familial love. At least that is what you hope for. But not everyone one gets to enjoy family reunions that look like something out of a … [Read More...]

Couples Watching a movie

5 Great Chicks Flicks to Watch with Your Guy

So you’ve met someone cool, have progressed past the first few dates and now it’s freezing outside, you have decided to forgo the pub/cinema/gig and hole up at home with a film and a glass of wine. Sadly for your man, this means watching a chick flick, or … [Read More...]

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